Monday, November 5

Celebrating 30 years!

I started celebrating my birthday the weekend before with some sweet friends. April and Chris were in town, so we decided to meet up for a little early birthday dinner. Brian and Amanda decided to join too! We met up at Bahama Breeze. April always chooses Bahama since they don’t have one in Nashville. It’s always a good choice for me too b/c I LOVE the Bahamaritas!! ;)



You’d never guess that April was 34 weeks pregnant!!!



We had a wonderful time!!! It was extremely weird celebrating THIRTY years!!!

The next morning we woke up and Chris and I headed to meet a few more sweet friends for breakfast. Jacqueline and Kimberly were also in town for the weekend, so we all met up at Café Eclectic for brunch. I absolutely love getting to see these ladies! Lots of laughter is always guaranteed!!


Jax just got engaged! She surprised Kimberly and I by asking us to be bridesmaids in her wedding!!! I am SO beyond excited!!!

More birthday festivities the following weekend!

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According to Jax said...

I'm beyond excited too!!! Yipppee!! :)