Sunday, August 9

Happy Birthday, Addyson!

What a fun weekend we had!!! The fun started Saturday afternoon when we all headed over to Addyson's birthday party! Sweet little Addy was turning 2 and was having a pool party to celebrate. My kids had a BLAST!! They were immediately jumping off the diving board...

swimming... swimming... and more swimming...

and, of course.. posing for pictures!

Let's not forget the fun on the slide!

The best part was that the kiddo's were asleep in the car on the way home. AND slept for TWO and a half hours!! It was fabulous!
Here's our favorite birthday girl!

Addyson and her mommy, April!

Thanks, Caldwell's for such a fabulous time! We had so much fun celebrating Miss Addy's birthday! :)

After the birthday party and naps, we got ready for dinner with Candice. I mean, could Ethan look anymore like his Daddy or Uncle Ricky in their fraternity days?! (a little scary!!) ha!

Of course, Candice came bearing gifts for the "Kindergartener-To-Be"! (spoiled much?!) :)

A Vera Bradley pencil case and new gold sandals for her "first day" outfit!! She LOVES them!! Thank you, Miss Candice!

After dinner.... playing with the glow sticks and glasses for Addy's party favors! (big hit, April!)

On Sunday, we ran to get Ethan's school supplies. First of all... who thought that giving a TWO year old a school supply list was a good idea?! SERIOUSLY! Second of all, Walmart on Tax Free Weekend is for the birds! I loathe Walmart on the usual day, let alone with 500 million people fighting over school supplies! After that we came home and played all afternoon.

Max and Oliver have grown SO much! (and become much more accustomed to Ethan)

We got the chalk out and the kid's loved drawing in the driveway!

I forgot to mention that we had homemade pizza for dinner... Ethan LOVED it! .. as you can tell!

Ethan and Max... this is how E plays with the kittens... poor things! :)

Bedtime!! We are all exhausted, but loved every minute of our fun weekend! School starts this week... Labels are on the supplies, bags are packed, lunches made.. We are SO excited! Soccer also starts this week for LK!!! :)

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Chris & April said...

So glad the kids are enjoying the buckets from the party!