Friday, August 14

What a crazy week . . .

I can't even begin to tell you how glad I am that this week is OVER! It has been a crazy one.. certainly nothing short of eventful!

The week started with LK starting both a new sport (Soccer) AND having her very first day of Kindergarten! Not to mention that Ethan went back to school Monday as well. Two kids going to two different places in the mornings is WAY hectic!! We still dont have our new time schedule down very well.. but we're working on it! That was enough to make any week a crazy one. Unfortunately, it didn't stop there though...

Lilly Kate came home from school Wednesday and she felt really warm, so I took her temp and it was 104!! I immediately called the pediatrician and the nurse had me start switching up Motrin and Tylenol. She woke up Thursday morning and it was still 104. At this point I really began to worry. I called the pediatrician again and got LK an apointment. The pediatrician diagnosed her with a UTI, but unfortunately it had begun to move into her kidneys. That's what was causing the high fever. To make matters worse, she was also on the verge of dehydration. (which is not good at all!) So, we left with an antibiotic and instructions to have as much fluid intake as possible. The pediatrician told us that if she wasn't able to hold her medicine down or if her fever didn't go down, that she was going to have to be admited to LeBonheur. We quickly realized just how serious her condition was!

We kept a close eye on her all throughout the night and tried to get her to consume alot of fluids. (I was giving this kid popsicles left and right!!) Unfortuately matters only got worse Friday morning. LK came downstairs complaining of her head hurting and she was shaking. I took her temp... 105.3! I can't even describe the immediate terrifying thoughts that went through my head! I dont think I've ever been so worried! I called the pediatrician and they had me give her a double dose of motrin to try to bring the fever rapidly down and told us to come in right away. That seemed to work b/c by the time we got to the pediatrician's office, it was down to 102. Thank goodness! The pediatrician decided to give Lilly a shot of a very strong antibiotic. This was in hopes of keeping Lilly from being admited.

She seemed to do a little better yesterday afternoon after the shot, but her fever rose again this morning going to 102. We called again and they had Lilly come back for another round of shots. The main goal is to keep her hydrated so she doesn't have to go to LeBonheur. She's still not out of the woods quite yet, but she's doing a WHOLE lot better!! Hopefully her fever will go down, if not we're back to the doctor's office on Monday!

Ethan on the other hand has been in pefect health!! Not to mention up to his usual tricks!!

This is a picture of his booster chair with his dinner IN it! During dinner I looked over and noticed that all of his meat was gone. Considering that we had JUST sat down to eat, I found this very unusual! So... I asked him where his meat was... and he was kind enough to show me! Hey, you can't blame the kid for trying! haha!

You can't help but love him! :)

So let's all say a little prayer that Lilly will continue to get healthy, that her fever will go down, that her antibiotics WILL work and she doens't have to be hospitalized!

With all hope, this will be far past us by Monday and she begin her first FULL week of Kindergten and Ethan will begin his first week at Christ Methodist! We are SOO excited!!

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