Wednesday, August 26

little boys & dirt . . . pure bliss!

As soon as Chris got home from work this afternoon, I left to go get a facial that was most definitely needed! I had been looking forward to my hour of complete relaxation ALL WEEK! (and it was well worth the wait!) As I was pulling back into the drive way, afterwards, I noticed that the lawn equipment was out and the back gate was open. So, I went towards the backyard and discovered that Chris was mowing, which is what i expected to find. What I didn't expect to find was this... Ethan.. literally covered head to toe in dirt!! What is it about dirt that attracts boys?! Ethan is about as attracted to dirt as I am to a Kate Spade... lethal combination!

So... explain to me... how does this...

(quick.. which one is Dixie and which one is Ethan??)

(yes, that's a twig hanging from his pull-up)

turn back into this....

and, then back to normal with this sweet smile... ?!
Boys... you just gotta love them! :)

But don't worry.. that mischief NEVER leaves!

jumping on his bed...

And what did the bathtub look like after his bath, you ask???

ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!!!! It required the comet spray... TWICE!

And to make matters worse... do you want to know what caused him finally being pulled from the dirt and put into the bath??? Apparently he decided that Mommy's car interior needed a little color b/c he showered DOWNPOURED it with dirt! And all of THIS was after he poured an entire bottled water in his lap while sitting in his car seat and then proceeded to smush goldfish in the wet mess! Needless to say, my car ended up being vacummed out twice and Ethan was exhausted at bed time!

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