Monday, August 17

off to a great start . . .

Well, after all the excitment of Friday, we really tried to make the weekend as relaxing as possible. When we left the pediatrician's office, Saturday morning, we drove through the campus at Christ Methodist so I could become familiar with it. Afterwards, since we were in East Memphis, I convinced Chris to take me to the PB Outlet! Found some great deals.. including these cafe curtains for the kitchen!! As well as some hand towels and a rug for the door to the garage! Love me some good deals at PBO!! :)

Saturday night, Memaw and Grandpa G came over to watch the kids while my sweet husband indulged me in some Baskin Robbins and a date to see The Time Traveler's Wife (which was GREAT!!). We never get "date nights" anymore, so it was quite the treat! The kid's seemed to have a great night with Memaw and G!
E showing me his "phythons" (muscles)!

I thought this was too cute... Usually, they're at each others throats screaming about something... this was a sweet surprise!

Me and my hubby!! (he got major brownie points for letting ME pick the movie!!) :)

Love them . . .
On Sunday.. I decided to make LK a nap blanket for school. She has a nap mat from preschool (the flowered one below) that is great! However, for Kindergarten, they need something that can fit into their backpacks. The teacher said most kids bring a beach towel or something of that nature.. well, a beach towel just won't work for Miss Lilly Stickles! So.. I had to come up with something non-bulky, small enough to fit into her pak but yet cute and comfy. Well, I decided to use a pink fleece blanket that Lilly has had for a while. I cut it down to the size of her old mat, pinned.. stiched.. and added ribbons to tie! I think I'm pretty happy with the end result! It rolls right up and fits perfectly in her bag! She seems to like it! :)

Just a few of E...

Pure happiness . . .

Isn't this great!! This is what Ethan does ALL.DAY.LONG!!! Throwing some sort of ball!!

Sunday evening, we took our walk (preparing Mommy for her 5K!) and when we got back, I got us all organized for our new school routine!! Of course regular post it's just wouldn't do.. so I got my trusty photoshop and went to work!! I hope this helps! (chore chart coming soon!) So far so good, this morning we were right on time!! Our morning went smoothly! (and LK had NO temp what-so-ever!! horray!)

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