Monday, August 17

Not Me . . .

Well, I've kinda taken a break from "Not Me" lately, but I'm back this week . . . Enjoy!

I most definitely did not let my sick child persuade me to go all the way to Kroger to get her a lunchable for lunch – because “that’s all she simply could manage to eat”! There is no way I would let that poor, pitiful face convince me to get her out of the house when she was so ill. Nope! Definitely not! She was surely upstairs, in bed.. watching Disney movies! (although that lunchable would have only been $1 – 10 for $10.. if I had!) And she definitely would not have had McDonald’s hotcakes just a few hours before!!

I definitely did not let Ethan stay up till 10:30 just because he was being SO good and was having the best time watching Alvin & the Chipmunks!! Nope.. bedtime is 8:15 sharp in our house! Even on the weekends!!

I most definitely did not call LK’s new school TWICE to leave a message for her teacher to call me back! I understand that the first week of school is incredibly hectic & overwhelming and my few little questions were just not of that much importance! So.. no.. I would certainly not have done that!

My two year old son (at least I think he’s human sometimes!) definitely did not burp ridiculously loud while out to lunch the other day! So loud that not only everyone at OUR table heard but also at other tables. Nope.. my children have WAY better manners than that!! And my husband and daughter definitely did not burst out with laughter at said burp either! No.. they would have definitely been much more horrified… like ME!

I was definitely NOT the mom, who at her child’s first soccer game, was constantly snapping photos while all the other parents sat annoyed at me and my camera flashes! Hey.. you should be taking your kids pictures too!!! Ever heard of a scrapbook?!

While at the grocery store, purchasing above lunchable, I definitely did not stop in the cereal aisle just to purchase a box of my favorite b/c I was craving it! (Cocoa Krispies, by the way!) Especially since our pantry is overflowing with half empty boxes of cereal already! Certainly not!

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