Wednesday, August 12

Welcome to the World, Baby Girl!

Well, today is the day I've been dreading for the past 5 years. The day when my baby turns into a Big Girl! They day when I just have to hope and pray that everything I've taught her the past five years is revealed in a new light and she shines! That's right, this morning I watched my sweet girl, my baby, MINE, walk through those great big elementary school doors and enter the world of Kindergarten! I could barely keep my composure as I watched her bravely embrace this new world, all with a ginormous smile on her face! While I've been quietly dreading this day.. she has been waiting her whole life for it! There's no going back from here. She is officially a "school-age" child. She will proudly move forward, until one day I'm watching her graduate from Kindergarten and then from highschool. And then, of course, I'll watch her walk across that big stage in the Grove in Oxford, MS to receive her Degree! :) (in medicine, no doubt!) She was more than ready for this day to get here! She her "first day" clothes ready - with accessories to match!, she had Daddy make her lunch, and had Mommy label ALL of her supplies! She even snuck in a pink folder even though her supply list didn't have pink as a color of choice! (typical, Lilly!) Horray for today!!! My baby is now a great big Kindergarten girl! (and Mommy is a great big blubbering mess! ha!) What an emotional day! I think I might have to take a nap before I even go pick her up! Not to mention I'm exhausted from my hike up to the school.. talk about a work out! I was pushing E in the stroller, had LK's back pack on my back AND carried the ridiculously huge bag of supplies!! WHEW!

Here are some pictures from this morning.. I'm sure I'll have another post tonight with pictures from this afternoon!:)

Daddy and Mommy gave LK a "singing" card at breakfast! She loved it!! It played "Celebrate Good Times!" We are so proud of our princess!

Lunches packed and ready...

Backpack ready.. and yes, the WS bag is FULL of supplies!

Supplies labeled! Pencils in case!...

How in the world is a Kindergartener supposed to carry this thing around?! Seriously, it weighed more than she did!!

LK and her first day at Macon Hall!

Brother was so excited for her!!

It was HOT! and since I insisted on walking her in on her first day, we had a ways to walk!

Her "first day" outfit.. dress from Mommy and Daddy and shoes from Miss Candice! Doesn't she look great in orange??! (and no this does mean that UT is an option!)

The door to her classroom...

her name tag...

She slipped on the way into school and scraped her knee. Of course she played this up big time for her new teacher! (not surprising!)

Lilly Kate and Mrs. Jeffrey... we are SO excited to have Mrs. Jeffrey!! :) I think they will LOVE each other!

ok.. she was starting to get a little annoyed with my picture taking..

Coloring... the big girl way.. you know, making sure to stay in the lines so you have THE BEST coloring page of all! :) (ah.. so sweet!)

Giving her brother hugs. He was yelling, "BYE, SISTER!" all the way out of the school! He loves his big sister so much! :)

I just can't believe it!! KINDERGARTEN! Where have 5 years gone?? Her teacher was so sweet and gave us a "Mommy Survival Kit" today. It was a bag with a tissue, a bag of tea and a piece of chocolate. Attached was a poem...

There once was a child who was two,
And she grew and grew and grew.
And before you knew it,
Kindergarten, she must do it.

This made you quite sad.
But Mrs. Jeffrey was glad,
To promise to do her best,
For you, and her, and the rest.

She'll be happy and learn a lot,
Just like you always though.
So wipe your tears with the tissue,
I promise this won't be an issue.

This year will be full of events,
Reading, writing - even class tents!
So make yourself a cup of tea,
Relax, we'll all be the best we can be.

Eat the candy, it's for you,
Soon you'll be amazed at what she can do!
I hope you'll feel warmed in your heart
To know she's getting such a great start!

How sweet is that?! I can tell that we are just going to LOVE Mrs. Jeffrey!! :)

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