Friday, August 28

For Better or For Worse - Stickles Style!

Well, today on Kelly’s Korner, she has a posting titled “For Better or For Worse”. It basically lists all the things about motherhood that she thought have been easier or harder than she anticipated. Well.. I have LOTS of things on both sides!! So, I thought I would do my own little list.. things that have been easier or harder since becoming a mother and wife… this should be interesting!!

Things that have been easier than I imagined

{1} childbirth – I’ll be honest… my labors were super quick! This isn’t the case for everyone, so I realize just how lucky I am. I’m sure karma will kick my butt with my next child.. I’ll be the woman with the 36hr labor! Ha!

{2} going to a store or restaurant with my kids – the Lord blessed with me with behaved children. (well, at least they seem semi-behaved in public.. home is a WAY different story!) I see children who have meltdowns somewhere and it makes me that much more thankful for my sweet babies. I can probably count on one hand the number of times my children have acted out in public. I am so thankful for this b/c I probably wouldn’t be able to handle it! (God knew what he was doing!! Trust me!)

{3} losing the baby weight – again.. I am overly fortunate. It immediately came off with Lilly (stress might have helped!) but it took some time with Ethan. I felt a little “puffy” for about 4 months after E. For the most part though.. it was relatively quick and easy. (no stretch marks either!! Horray!)

{4} adjusting to married life.. in some ways easier than I expected and in others WAY harder.. you’ll see this on both lists!

{5} getting used to being covered in a number of different messes.. food, throw up, poop, pee, snot.. you name it, it’s been on me.. and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! The true badge of motherhood!

{6} sleep deprivation – I think you just eventually get used to it and learn to function on 4hrs of sleep!

{7} learning which battles to fight and which ones to just “go with the flow” on – for instance.. let me set the scene.. Target, 9am.. grumpy 2yr old who refuses to wear anything but a pull-up and a pj shirt.. I could either fight him kicking and screaming to get him dressed or I could just let him be.. let me just tell you that it was the highlight of my day to see my half-dressed little boy standing up in the grocery cart yelling “WHEEEEE!” down every aisle!! Oh, it’s always in the little things! Now, when he tries to throw a football into our tv on the wall.. THAT is a battle to fight! (and I will win little boy.. watch out!)

Things that have been harder than I imagined

{1} being a good mother – I feel as though I am constantly striving to give my children the best and to be the best mother I can be. This is always an ongoing inner struggle with me. I take things very personally, so I feel like I’m always doing half the job I should be doing. (although, I’m doing a pretty dang good job, if I must say so myself! Ha!)

{2} being a good wife – I don’t think I was mentally prepared to be a “wife” at 25. Don’t get me wrong.. I was completely in love with my husband and knew I wanted to marry him. But it’s one thing to make that decision and have the wedding… and then live the married life! It’s taken some adjusting (as I was SUPER spoiled and used to always getting my way!!) but he’s an amazing man for putting up with me and letting me finally “get it”!!

{3} paying bills… WHAT?! Who in their right mind thought of “BILLS” !!! Whoever you are.. I do not like you! And whoever thought I should have to pay a ridiculous amount for my children’s tuition each month.. I do not like you even more! Bills stress me out.. writing tuition checks stresses me out.. shopping on the other hand, puts me in my peaceful “happy place”! (much to my husband’s dismay!)

{4} Keeping a clean house and learning to cook! My mother is OCD when it comes to cleanliness.. and guess what, the child who never picked a broom up in her life inherited that trait! Seriously.. want to know how long “chores” lasted with this girl growing up.. about a week! I pitched a fit and my mother gave in. I never cleaned a car (until about a month ago.. so proud!) and didn’t even pump gas till I went away to college. Want to know who taught me how to wash clothes.. my college roommate!!! So… I didn’t learn how to clean or be remotely domestic for that matter!! So, go figure that this helpless young girl would grow up to be JUST LIKE HER MOM!! (woah.. no one tell my mother I just admitted that! Ha!) Seriously though.. I am ridiculous about my house. I feel as though I’m channeling David Kessler every time I get a wash rag in my hand! Now cooking.. there’s no hope there! I truly wish I could be Betty Crocker and be the mom who bakes cookies with her kids, but I just can’t do it! I don’t have the time.. I get frustrated when there’s too many things going on at once, like cooking a meal! It’s just a big ole mess! Thank goodness for the Stickles’ Chefs!!

{5} Being a 26 yr old mother of a Kindergartener! Where does the time go???

{6} Being ME! This is a tough one! As a mother of two, you get about 0 time for yourself. You get to a point when you just start to forget who you are and what makes you happy. You just lose a little of yourself. I think every mother goes through this! I have a hard time with it. I feel as though I’m still young and I want to enjoy my youth.. but WHEN!? I have say though, that when I start to get a little “down” about not being “me”, my incredible husband gives me the breathing room I need!!! Even if it’s just a 20 min break to let me go to the store, or a whole day w/o the kiddos to do whatever my little heart desires… he just gets me and knows exactly what I need!

{7} Time management! There are just not enough hours in the day!! EVER!! My days go on forever and I.AM.EXHAUSTED!!

{8} Growing up and finding the right people to have in your life. I feel like I’ve grown up A LOT since I became a mom and even more since I’ve become a wife. It’s hard when you’re at a certain stage in your life and you feel like no one you know is at that same stage. Lately, I’ve felt like I’ve needed a change and need to let certain things go so that I’m able to find things that are better for me. I think I need more people who encourage me, rather than constantly bring me down and make me feel bad for one reason or another. I like my life, I am a happy girl.. please be happy for me, don’t judge me!

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cute post. i agree to all of the above! :)