Wednesday, August 12

Soccer Star!

Last night Lilly Kate had her very first soccer practice!! Yes, this is a shocker! Lilly Kate... soccer.. what?! I know, I know.. our little ballerina princess playing soccer is a little unusual, to say the least! But SHE asked to play.. so back in April, we signed up! Last weekend we went to Dick's Sporting Goods and bought all of her soccer essentials! $40 later we had a pink ball, pink shin guards and PINK cleats! I dont think we could have possibly gotten any more pink!! ha! I was surely convinced that we might as well have just thrown that $40 out the window, b/c I just didn't have a whole lot of faith that she was actually going to like this contact sport.. let alone PLAY it! (the jury is still out on this, by the way!) We are trying out best to keep her motivated though and encourage her! Hopefully she will LOVE it!

Last night we headed into Bartlett (yes, the good old Bartlett Soccer fields.. and yes, Coach Kiser was there!) for her first practice!! We met her coach, Cassandra, and got to know her other 5 teammates! I love how they keep the teams super small, so every child gets a chance to play at every position. Although, I have to admit that the thought of Lilly playing goalie is a little amusing! ha! She seemed to enjoy practice and I think she'll get the hang of it. Right now, she's a little slow moving and not very aggresive. She started to get upset a few times that "the other girl" kept kicking her ball away.. but we explained to her that SHE was supposed to do that as well. :) Daddy is going to practice some drills with her before her next practice on Saturday, so hopefully she'll get that "killer" instinct! :) I think everyone should definitely plan on being present at her first game though.. I have a feeling it's only going to take one big fall or hard kick and she'll have had her fill of soccer! Who knows though.. she may surprise us!! (she tends to do that!!) :)

Brother was so excited to watch sister play!

The grass, sun, dirt and soccer balls didn't stop LK from being the most prissy girl on the fields!

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