Monday, August 24

Let's Celebrate!

Well, we had a great weekend around the Stickles’ house!! Friday night we went to Johnny Brusco’s for dinner. The kids LOVE pizza!! (and it’s really cheap… $24 for all 4 of us.. DEAL!) After dinner we went to Blockbuster so the kid’s could pick out some movies. We’ve started a new “chore” chart at home, and if they do all their chores for the week, then they get to pick out a movie at blockbuster. Now, when I say chore, it’s more like.. brush your teeth and feed animals. BUT.. it’s helping with the whole “teaching them responsibility” thing!! We decided to use Blockbuster movies as a reward b/c they’re too young to really understand the concept of getting money and I didn’t want candy/treats to be a reward since they don’t eat things like that… so, movies it is! (and the kid’s movies are $1 at Blockbuster!!) So, they picked their movies out.. LK got a Zac Efron flick and Ethan, of course, immediately grabbed Bob The Builder.. and we snuggled into bed at home to watch them!

Saturday morning came bright and early, as we all got up to get ready for Lilly’s soccer practice. She’s still a little slow moving, but is getting better. She did GREAT during a scrimmage game, b/c she got to play goalie! LK still likes to pick up the ball and seeing as how the goalie actually is allowed to do that.. she LOVED it!! They still have a few more weeks of practice before they have an actual game. I can’t wait! Although I have to admit, I don’t think she’s liking the whole “practice” thing very much. Saturday she told Chris, “Daddy, I just don’t think I was ready for soccer this morning!” OH NO!! haha! I have a feeling my prediction may be coming true.. One game and she’s DONE! Ha! After practice we went shopping and ran a few errands. Daddy took us to Abner’s for lunch and it was yummy!! (I’m getting LK ready for all the Abner’s she’ll consume as she’s attending Ole Miss… haha!) ;) After naps, we took the kiddos to Noni and Papa’s house so they could spend the night.

Saturday night we headed downtown to celebrate my sister’s birthday! We met up with everyone at Blue Fin for dinner and then headed to Beale. Now, I can’t even tell you the last night I was on Beale for a night out on the town!! Wow.. I have gotten SO old!! It was a lot of fun though. First we went to Red Rooster, where it was apparently 80’s night b/c we were surrounded by 40+ year old women swooning over the “Poison-wannabe” band! It was entertainment for sure! We then headed to Silky’s and ran into some old friends (great to see you Allison, Dalton and Rachel!) After Silky’s I got a phone call from Lyns to meet her at Raifords. Goodness me.. I don’t think I’m cut out for the excitement of Raiford’s like I used to be!! Haha! It was a lot of fun though! (and proved to me that I am super OLD!) We finally made it out around 3am and headed home! That drive back to Lakeland sure is a long one! I passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow! Hope you had a great night celebrating, Lyns!!

Sunday wasn’t too exciting. Chris and I enjoyed a 3 mile walk/run at Shelby Farms and then went to go pick the kiddos up. We spent the rest of the day just getting ready for another fun-filled week!

Lyns and some of her friends at dinner!

The only picture i managed to get at Raiford's... Lyns dancing! haha!!

Post Raiford's... My eyes are glossy from being so tired! haha!

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