Friday, September 4

. . and the winner is . . .

It's that time!!!

Winner #1 of the "Tweet Tweet" notecards is ......

Comment #3 - Jennifer ( from Marsh Family [to be] )- Jennifer found me through a friend's blog and I have had so much fun reading all about her in the past few days!! I'm so excited that one of my prizes goes to a "new friend"!! :)

And WINNER #2 of the "It's a Hoot!" notecards is...

Comment #6 - Lindsey - ok, Lindsey, who?! :) I asked my husband what "Lindsey's" he knew and his face got really red and he answered with a nervous "ha! i dont know!!" SOOOO... Miss Lindsey.. tell me who you are!! I am MORE than curious now!:) - and to answer your question.. NO! It's not terrible.. secretly, I do the SAME thing! And I promise I didn't rig this so you could win and have to tell me who you were... you were just THAT lucky! lol ;)

Alright Ladies... send me an email ( and let me know how to get these notecards to you!! I am SOO excited that you have won! :)

And thank you to everyone who left me a comment. I have to suspect though that there are more than 9 of you who read my blog!! ;) It's ok though.. you dont have to admit your blog stalking!! Although, if i had to pick a vice this is definitely the one I'd pick!! :) I've really enjoyed seeing who reads about us and it's comforting to know that I am actually talking to someone other than myself!

On a side note.. I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Labor Day weekend!! I am more than ready to sport my red and blue on Sunday for the Ole Miss/Memphis game!!


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"Adair Flair" said...

glad to find your blog! I was an AOPi at Ole Miss with you...a little case you don't remember me! (Adair Reid). I ran accross your blog on facebook! your children are watching them grow up on facebook! Looking foward to keeping up with your blog. not sure if my google account links you to my blog...but here it is just in case:
have a great weekend!