Monday, September 14

soccer stars & railcars

I don’t know about you, but there are certain weeks and days that are just EXHAUSTING when you’re trying to raise children!! Some days you just have had enough and you’re a little “snappy”, then of course, you feel completely awful about it and start to contemplate whether you’re a good mother! Trust me, I do this often! There are just some days when being a constant chauffeur to two kiddos is just more than I can handle! (and yes, I do still work part time on top of it all!) And like I said, every time I have a “bad moment” in the mothering world.. I immediately get that guilty feeling and try to make it up ASAP! The weekdays get crazy for us.. like really really crazy! By Friday, I.AM.EXHAUSTED. beyond function. So, because our weekdays can get a little out of hand, I’ve tried really hard recently to make the weekends all that much more exciting. I want the kids to be able to let loose and have a good time. B/C let’s face it, when they’re having fun and running wild (somewhere other than inside my house!) it makes our jobs as parents that much easier and more enjoyable. At least for me it does! I feel like I’m “off duty” for a few minutes. Well, this weekend was one of those.. one of those “super exciting, let your hair down and just have a ball” weekends! I’ll have to do several posts to fit it all in, but I will definitely fill you all in!

First up.. Lilly Kate had her VERY first soccer game of the season! And wouldn’t you believe it… my prim and proper princess kicked some major butt! (I am SO proud!) Her team won 12-2 .. I think they just stopped counting toward the end. She has some amazing kiddos on her team! She was very excited and it was cute to watch her smile for the camera each time she would kick the ball down field.. she knew I was snapping away! :) The ENTIRE family came out to watch and she couldn’t have been more thrilled! How lucky is she?! We are looking forward to another WIN this coming up Saturday!!

My little lady playing goalie..
Cheering on Sister!
Googs and E.. LK's biggest fans!
getting a Good Luck hug!there she goes... #4!
of course, Ethan found dirt...
and everyone just watched him in amazement!
what a trooper... Aunt Lyns is the best!
Noni and E watching the game!

giving high fives after the game!
Team huddle!
Stickles Family
Hunt Family
Smith/Kessler Family

My little soccer star!

After the game, we all headed over to the Germantown Festival! We do it every year and it never fails to be a good time!! The kids got their fill of bounce house fun while Mommy scored some major shopping deals!! I got some adorable metal signs for the house for the holidays. I even gave in and bought Chris a "Go Tigers Go" sign for the porch! :) Chris found some Memphis T-shirts. And LK got some a bow of every color for only $2.75 a bow!!! Coming from a Mom who has spent countless amounts of dollars on hairbows only to have them lost on the playground... THAT is a good deal!! :)

Saturday was such a blast... And Sunday had even more in store for us..

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