Friday, September 18

hello fall!

Well, fall is officially here!! We are welcoming it with open arms around our house! Unfortunately, this week fall came with LOTS of rain! Seriously.. EVERY single day.. it rained!! So.. that required new rain boots! :)

I also attempted to get a few fall decorations out on the front porch. Although, it's not much right now! Still waiting on my hubby to bring home some mums and hay bails (although that will probably be closer to Halloween!)

Fall = College Football!!

So.. HOPEFULLY, the rain will let up this weekend (my kids are itching to get out of the house!!) and we can run some errands. We are planning a low-key, fall cleaning weekend! The garage, the house, everything! Just about every weekend since early August has been filled and this will be our last non-busy weekend again till mid-November. So, we need to take advantage of the break and get some things done around the house!! In all honesty... I am DEFINITELY looking forward to it.. I am just plain worn out these days!

As you can tell... being indoors has started to get to them!! haha! OH BOYS! :)

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