Wednesday, September 30

what's in there wednesday - make-up bag

Today I am participating in Short Southern Momma's "What's In There Wednesday"! I always love participating in blog activities like MckMama's "Not Me Monday" and Kelley's "Show Us Series"... I just never really get the chance too! :( But today, I am making a change! I am going to start participating more! I am starting off with a new one today! (brand new!!) I just recently stumbled upon SSM and LOVE her!!! This morning she showed everyone what exactly is in her makeup bag... so... here's mine! Nothing really all that special, so why exactly does it all cost so much?! (my husband is still trying to figure that one out! ha!)

First up... I dont have a bag.. well, i do, but it's just for traveling. My traveling bag a is Vera Bradley Travel Cosmetic Case. I have the old "sherbert" pattern that I'm still hopelessly in love with! But, while i'm not traveling, I use THIS bad boy... LOVE IT! It fits right under my bathroom cabinet, so no one has to see it except me. The best part is that I can pull the drawers out. All of my stuff stays flat and is easily accesible. I keep all of my "daily" stuff in the top drawer... all of the stuff I only wear on certain occasions in the second drawers.. and all of my nail polises and random stuff in the bottom. Seriously, I dont know how i ever made it through life with it! :)

The first "product" I use is Origins Brighter By Nature Correcting Serum. I just recently starting using this, but so far I love it! I have freckles and this little "magic potion" makes them lighter AND helps make your skin tone more even. I use it morning and night.

Next up is Origins A Perfect World moisturizer.
After the moisturizer, I put on Bare Minerals. I also just recently started using this product and I LOVE IT! Now, I do still wear my regular make up when I'm going out or doing anything special, but for everyday wear.. this stuff is GREAT!! It's super easy and super quick! (essentials when you're chasing around two kids!)

After I apply BareMinerals, I curl my lashes and put on a little mascarra. Then, if I'm in the mood, I'll brush on a little of MAC's Skinfinish for a little color. That's it.. DONE!

See there.. nothing really all that exciting. And honestly, that's really all that "in my bag". Other than some random stuff, of course.
So... What's in your makeup bag???



Anonymous said...

OH I love it!!! I need to convert from my bag to something like you use so I don't have to dig through everywhere! haha. I FOR SURE need to check out that Origins Brightener!! Thanks so much for playing along! I hope you had as much fun as I did! xoxo

Kristin said...

I have a girlfriend that totally swears by Origins. I'm an Aveeno gal.