Monday, September 14

railcars, continued . . .

There is nothing like seeing your child’s face full of awe! Well, we were lucky enough to witness this sweet face on Sunday when we took Ethan to “Day Out With Thomas”! We got up bright and early Sunday morning and headed to Nashville. We loaded the car with toys, books, Thomas trains, crayons, snacks and E’s MP3 player for the car ride. I was worried how he would do b/c he can NOT sit still for very long, but he surprised both Chris and me and did remarkably well. We got into Nashville around 11:30am and had just enough time to play at all the Thomas exhibits before our train departure at 1pm. They had several tents set up with temporary tattoos, a Thomas video and storytime, Thomas train tables (which E LOVED!), and a few bounce houses.. which I think he almost like more than the train ride itself! ;) He even got to meet Sir Topham Hatt! At 1 pm, we boared our train car, driven by Thomas himself!, and went for a 20min ride!! Aftwards, we got to go down to the engine and meet Thomas!! Ethan was so excited! He was even able to convince Mommy to buy him a train whistle! (still dont know what I was thinking on that one!! ah!) On the way home, we stopped in downtown Nashville for lunch. Ethan loved all the music on Broadway. After lunch, it was back to Memphis and we were all exhausted! I think we were all in bed by 8:30! It was all totally worth it though, b/c our kiddos had a great weekend! (and so did we!) :)

the car was packed with Ethan's toys... luckily, they kept him entertained for the car ride!
Sir Topham Hatt!
getting his Harold tattoo!
Train Tables!! :)

Mommy - "Ethan, who are you going to see??"
Ethan (with arms in hair and super excitment in his voice) - "THOMAS!!!"

his new sunglasses!
On the train being pulled by Thomas!

Daddy, Ethan and Thomas!
What a fun day! I would recommend for anyone to go to this event!! :)
giving Thomas a "high five"!
lunch... these two are just plain trouble!:)



love from texas said...

looks like he enjoyed his special day! i actually saw a thomas halloween costume at target today and thought of your sweet ethan :) he is just precious!

The Byingtons said...

What a fun weekend! Your kids are so lucky!! :-) Congrats to Lilly Kate on winning her first game!!