Wednesday, September 9

boys will be boys!

Again... the dirt! I swear.. I can't take this child anywhere! Last Tuesday we arrived to soccer practice and Ethan immediately began stripping his clothes off.. b/c he was "just sooo hot!" And what came next... sliding into the dirt as if he was practicing for home plate! Oh goodness.... BOYS!!

See that mop of hair on his head?! Well, it's no more! This past weekend Noni came over and gave Ethan a little trim!

Ok.. well, maybe a whole-lotta trim! ;) He LOVES it!! Ethan had SO MUCH hair!! I have to say that I'm still getting used to it. He looks completely different! Dont get me wrong... i absolutely adore his long locks so they will be back! But this is definitely a nice change of pace for a little while! :) I think we unleashed some inner hyperness from underneath all that hair though.. he's been bouncing off the walls since his new cut! OH BOY!

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