Thursday, September 3

10 things I couldn't live without . . .

Ok, so.. with the weather changing this time of year, I tend to find myself wearing the same things over and over. It's almost like I get "closet favorites" and certain things are always my go-to items to put on. (i'm sure everyone does this!) Don't get me wrong.. my closet is literally busting at the seams with too much stuff. And honestly, not even half of it gets worn!! I'm terrible at that! But especially this time of year, you know, when it's chilly in the mornings and evenings but blazing hot in the middle of the afternoon, I need stuff that I can layer and can adjust with the temperature. So.. I guess when I find something that works well.. I just stick with it!

I noticed on Kelly's Korner the other day, that she was talking about her obsession with ruffles this season. I have to admit.. I'm loving the ruffles too!! I've recently bought several pieces with ruffles on them! (i think it's just in our "girly" nature to love a good ruffle from time to time!) So, I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite, go-to items in my closet right now! You'll start to notice that I'm definitely going for comfort and easy these days!! Luckily, this "mommy" style (as I call it) has been the "IT" style recently! Oh, thank goodness I can still be stylish even though I have spaghetti sauce running down me! ;)

So.. here are my Top Ten Faves right now!! I'm sure you could see me in any one of these outfits on a given day!


Ok.. this is more of an outfit.. a sweater with shorts! Love it!

My favorite sweater right now is the cotton/silk Banana Republic v-neck. It's lightweight and perfect for the chilly mornings. I typically wear a light t-shirt underneath for when the afternoons warm up. I pair this up with a cute pair of shorts and it's perfect!!
I have to admit that until this summer, I didn't wear shorts! I just was never a "shorts" type of person. But I love the clean lines of this style. The pair I typically wear is from Express, but look identical to the ones below. I also love a pair of Bermuda shorts from Gap that I have. So.. I'm learning to embrace shorts and with the cute sweaters above.. how can you not love them?!


Cotton skirts!

I bought several of these from Old Navy one day in the late spring and FELL IN LOVE!! They're just easy going cotton skirts! You can't go wrong with them! They're great with everything! The best part is that I paid $10 for them!! Love it!


Flip Flops

Gosh, do I love flip flops! Don't be surprised to see me in the middle of January wearing flip flops! I, of course, own way too many! Here's a pic of one of my faves...


Gap Favorite T-Shirt

I think I probably own close to 20 of these.. different neck styles and colors. You can never go wrong with one of these greats!


Target Kimono Dress

I bought this dress a few months ago and absolutely love it!! I just happen to see it while shopping in Target and snagged it up. I think it was around $20.. great deal! It is super comfy and easy to wear anywhere! I have a soft purple color.


Gray shirt from Banana

I don't know what the name of this shirt is and it's no longer on their website.. but I LOVE IT! It's just a gray soft cotton, loose fitting t-shirt! I tried to find a good picture, but couldn't. This picture is as close as I could get. I might just have to take of picture of mine one day! ;)


J.Crew Twist Dress

I found this dress at the J.Crew store for $20.. can you believe it.. $20!! It's been one of my absolute favorite items of the summer. You can wear it ANYWHERE! I've dressed it down, I've worn it to the pool and I even dressed it up and wore it in our family pictures! Seriously.. best item I bought this summer.. hands down!


Orange leather sandals

I bought a pair of leather sandals from Banana earlier in the summer. I have fallen in love with them and wear them almost every day! I couldn't find a picture of the ones I bought, but they look similar to the ones below. The straps on mine are a burnt orange color and the sole is a harder brown leather, but the style is the same! They are super comfy and look great with anything!!


Seven For All Mankind jeans

You can never go wrong with a good pair of Sevens!! I have a pair that I've literally had for YEARS.. and they show it! But it's my favorite pair! They're soft and worn now.. perfect!! Always the jeans I'm looking for in my closet!! This time of year, they're perfect with a tank top!


It's a tie...

The first thing is my pink scarf.. I love cute lightweight scarves this time of year.. the perfect accessory for a great pair of jeans and a tank top!

The second item is a cotton cardigan from Banana! Again, couldn't find a pic.. but this one is close! My cardigan is just a cotton jersy material.. not so much "wooly" like this one. But the style is similar. I LOVE IT!! Great for those cool mornings and easy to remove for the afternoon!

Actually though.. cardigans in general are probably my favorite clothing item going into fall! I absolutely adore cardigans! I think they're going to be a big hit this fall, so I'll probably start stocking up on some more!!

Well.. those are my Top Ten Favorite items right now!! What are yours?? What can you not live without right now?! What are you wearing over and over and over and..... you get the idea! ha!

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