Friday, September 11

Grandparent's Day!

Yesterday afternoon was quite a special day for Mr. Ethan!! His preschool, 2nd Baptist, held their annual "Cookies with Grandparents" in honor of Grandparent's Day on September 13th! Since Noni is usually off work by 2pm, we asked if she would like to join Ethan for his special day.. and of course, she immediately agreed! :) When I got to school, Noni was already there enjoying her cookie with her little buddy! Ethan was SO excited! (about the cookie AND noni!) :)

E showing Noni his family tree!

Well, we are off to enjoy another jam-packed, fun-filled weekend in the Stickles house! Tommorow is Lilly Kate's first soccer game of the season! We are SOOO excited! Hopefully we will start the season off right with a win (which i'm totally betting on b/c we have some amazing little 5yr olds on our teams.. WOO HOO!). After the game, we are heading into Germantown for their annual festival! (yes, credit card will be handy!) It's a Stickles Family Tradition and everyone LOVES it! The best part of the weekend comes Sunday though.. we are heading out of town bright and early to go up to Nashville for the day! Ethan will be riding Thomas the Train! I'm so excited to see his cute little face when he sees Thomas! We are greatly anticipating it! So, I hope everyone has just as much fun as we're planning on having this weekend! :)
And dont forget your favorite grandparent's on Sunday!!


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