Tuesday, September 1

perfect weather weekend!

This past weekend, the weather in Memphis was GORGEOUS!!! It was in the mid-80's with not a drop of humidity in the air. Definitely NOT typical for the middle of August! We definitely took advantage of the great weather. Saturday morning we all headed to Lilly Kate's soccer practice and then enjoyed a great late lunch at Swanky's! We LOVE Swanky's!! :) Saturday night, we had a mini-camp out in the living room. (yes, we put the tent up!) and the kid's enjoyed a movie and popcorn. Sunday afternoon, we all headed to the Memphis Zoo! I have to admit, it was the first time we've been to the zoo this summer! It's just been way too hot and steamy! Sunday was a perfect zoo day though! Apparently, we weren't the only ones who thought it was a great day for the zoo... we ran into to at least 4 different people we knew and hadn't seen in a while! It's always great catching up with old friends! The kids had a blast!! (and their parents did too!) Not to mention that it was the last weekend for the "Birds and Bees" exhibit! I, of course, took over 250 photos at the zoo... so I narrowed it down for you! ha! Enjoy!!

LK LOVES alligators! Gotta love a girl in pink who loves some gators! :)

Such a good daddy!

LK also loves flamingos... I bet you can't guess why?! Maybe b/c they're PINK!! haha!

Yes... I do love them... ALOT! Even if they are the crazy characters dancing in the "Bee Disco"!

We are definitely looking forward to the weekend ahead of us!!! We have a jam packed weekend planned. The best part of the weekend comes Sunday though, as my beloved OLE MISS REBELS take on the Memphis Tigers at the Liberty Bowl here in Memphis!! Chris and I are truly a "house divided" on this day!! It could get very interesting! We are looking forward to a great day full of friends and football... tailgates, here we come! :) Oh.. and let's not forget that 5K i'm running on Monday! Let's all say a little prayer now... ;)

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