Saturday, April 3

Will's Birthday Goodies, Cont.!

Yesterday, I dropped off all of baby Will's birthday goodies! Everything turned out SOO cute!! I hope his Mom likes it all! :) I showed you his birthday banners here. Now, here's the rest!

His barnyard invitations!

party hats!!

napkin rings

door signs

cupcake toppers and good bag tags

thank you notes

the whole kit-and-kaboodle!

His mom promised to send me pics of the party!! So, hopefully I'll have those to share soon! :)



The Marsh Family [to be] said...

those are GREAT!! i hope you are still doing all of this when we start having kids! LOVE IT! great job!!!

Autumn Byars said...

so cute! i'm actually friends with cassie too :)

Jacqueline said...

My friend is soooo talented! :)