Monday, April 26

our weekend..

This weekend turned out to be rather stormy in the Memphis area, so all plans that we had made were suddenly canceled! :( But, we still made the most of it and managed to have a little fun!

The weekend started with a little "No Cavity - Bright & White" photo shoot.. ha! Chris had to work late on Thursday, so it was just the kids and me till bedtime. Of course, being the camera hogs that they are, they were more than willing to play along.. :)

Ethan's idea of a smile!

please excuse the way I look.. it's my "OH SO CLOSE to bedtime" look! ha!

see those circles.. geez!! haha!

Friday, the storms started coming in, so we just ordered in pizza and hung out at home! I will still sick from my sinus infection, so I wasn't up for much. We were supposed to go to a fishing rodeo on Saturday, but that definitely got canceled! We saw some pretty bad weather Saturday morning, but luckily escaped all the tornadoes that hit just south of us. Thank goodness!
So, instead of fishing on Saturday morning, we took the kids to storytime at Davis Kidd! It was so fun and the kids really seemed to enjoy it! It was a "birthday party" theme that day, so they got to have cupcakes after the book was read!

After story time, we went across the street to Corky's for lunch and then to Outdoors to get Daddy some new shoes! By the time we were finished with that, the 2nd wave of the storm was about to it, so we headed home for naps!

Saturday night, Chris and I met my grandparents down at the casinos for dinner. We were supposed to see a show, but that too was canceled b/c of the weather! :( We were still able to enjoy a YUMMY meal at the Horseshoe steakhouse though! We played a little bit at the slots and then decided to head back to Memphis. No winnings.. DARN!

Sunday morning, we went to week 3 of our New Member class at church (only 1 more week!! YAY!) and then Chris took me to the doctor b/c I was STILL feeling awful! Unfortunately, I had let my sinus infection go too far and it had turned into an awful cold, so now I'm loaded up on anticotics and Claritin! But, I'm already starting to feel better! Good thing too, b/c LK's class is headed to the zoo tomorrow for a field trip! Sunday was GORGEOUS outside, so Chris took the kids and Huck to the park to run around. I had to stay in bed though! :( Hopefully, this week I'll start to feel much better and will be able to get back to normal activities!



Candice said...

Sounds like a good weekend! I love the pictures of y'all from your No Cavity photo shoot :) Too cute!

And I'm glad you're feeling better too! Hopefully no storms next weekend!!

K.C. said...

Hope you get to feeling better! Sinus Crap is no fun!!!