Thursday, April 22

Veggie Friends!

This week I have been stuck in bed with the worst sinus infection ever! The pollen finally hit me and I have paid for it all week! Luckily, Mr. Stickles has stepped up and been the most incredible Mr. Mom in the world. I seriously have no idea what I would do without him!!

I did manage to crawl out of bed last night though to help LK with a school project. They are finishing up Vv week and got to bring in a Veggie Friend to share with the class. We chose an artichoke as the vegtable of choice and made her quite girly!! I stopped by Michael's and picked up some curly hair, googly eyes (with eyelashes, of course!), sunglasses and a boa! LK went to town on her veggie and I think it turned out SO cute!!

Meet... Alice the Artichoke!

this is Alice's PINK shoebox home!

LK was so excited to take her veggie to school!

And because LK was having fun with vegtables, Ethan had to join in on the fun too..

Meet Kooky the Kool Kucumber! (had to go with all K's for that one!) ;)

On another note, the kid's had their dentists appointments this morning..

LK was yet again cavity free!! Her teeth look perfect. We're just still waiting on more baby ones to fall out! (although, I dont think the tooth fairy is waiting on that one! ha!)

Ethan had his very first visit this morning and did GREAT! I was so proud of him!! They weren't sure if they were going to do a cleaning or not (since he's not 3 yet), but when they took him back to see Lilly Kate's cleaning, he wanted to be just like his big sister and let them clean his! I was shocked! The dentist did say that it was time to give up the paci. He only gets it at night, but he's getting too big now! He had a talk with E about maybe giving his pacis to the baby animals at the zoo.. so, I think we might try that approach soon! :) Ethan didn't seem too enthused though! lol We've been trying for a while, but he's SO attached to it!! So, if we can just get that and potty training down pat, we'll be good to go! He's SO CLOSE on both!! OH - and he too is cavity free!

I really hope they both continue to have healthy teeth and enjoy going to the dentist! I've always loved going and having my teeth cleaned. LK was shocked when I told her that at almost 28 years old, I am Cavity FREE too! (and yes - I am WAY proud and would probably cry like a little kid if I got one.. haha!) So.. here's to no cavities!! YAY! :) Now, to get Chris to the dentist for a cleaning... hmmmm... ha!



Natasha said...

OK so one of our friends is going through the same thing with the paci and he took his son William to Build-a-Bear and they put the paci in the bear so he would always have it... just a thought--may help!

Neely said...

Those veggie friends are super cute haha