Tuesday, April 6

Jax's Inspiration!

A few weeks ago, when my friends and I were doing our 101 in 1001 goal lists, my friend Jacqueline had a very inspirational goal listed. Her #37 is to donate bone marrow. She joined the national registry and is awaiting the phone call that someone in need of bone marrow needs her help. I have to say.. I love all my friends. I think they are all special, talented, beautiful women.. but, Jax.. she's courageous! Sure.. she's scared of the huge, long needle. She's aware of the time it takes to recover. She knows that this is not something that she's obligated to do. There is no one in her immediate family or a close friend in need of this. This is just something that she's doing out of the goodness of her heart, to help a complete stranger! How incredible is that?! I was in awe of her decision and decided to read more about it.

The national registry is called the "Be The Match" program. I browsed their website for quite a while and then I did it. I joined Jax and became a participant on the registry! Yesterday, this envelope came in the mail...

It had the complete kit for me to return, so they can enter me into the database.

So, I swabbed my inner cheeks and sent it back! Now, I just await a phone call!

Donation has always been something that my family has felt very strongly about. My uncle has received numerous organ donations throughout his battle with diabetes, including two kidneys and a pancreas. Everyone in my family is an organ donor and I have made sure that everyone knows that if something unfortunate should happen to me.. donate it all! Whatever can be donated, donate it! But why wait until then.. I can start helping now!! Healthy bone marrow replenishes itself, so I'm not really even losing anything! At the most, I'll just be uncomfortable for a few weeks. And that little bit of discomfort can save someone's life! I am SO okay with that!! I can definitely put my "big girl panties" on and face a needle!

Read more about Jacqueline's decision here...

I definitely encourage everyone to join the registry!


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Jacqueline said...

Awwww....yay for you!!! So glad you joined the registry. :)