Wednesday, April 14

What's on my mind??!

Just a few things...

{1} When did kid's summer activities get so dang expenssive?! I signed LK up for ballet classes and a ballet camp. And, Ethan is taking a sports development class. He's still too young for group sports, but he can start learning about them, right?! When I saw the final numbers, I about fell out of my chair!! REALLY??! For EIGHT weeks!!! YIKES!!! Scary thing is.. this will only continue for the next 18 years! lol

{2} My baby.. My sweet girl.. is GRADUATING KINDERGARTEN!!!! I had an emotional breakdown, no doubt!!

{3} I am almost finished reading Firefly Lane (which is SOOOO good!!), so I need a new book! Any suggestions?? I'm thinking about South Of Broad by Pat Conroy or the Emily Griffin series... I just dont know! hmm...

{4} I way too many shows waiting for me on DVR.. like WAY too many! Let's face it, I'll never get a full 3-4 hours to actually sit down and watch them all.. I should just hit "delete" and forget about them!

{5} I want these... like uncontrolably bad! I oogle over them! However, I do not want to create WW3 with my purchase and that's exactly what will happen when C sees the $115 price tag! Dang shoes... why do you have to be so stinkin' cute and so freakin' expensive?! UGH!

I hate UPS today!

I LOVE Ebay though!! :)

Just about ALL plans for ATL are finalized!!! YAY!!! Flights booked (C and I have to fly seperately b/c he can't get off work! BOO!), Hotel reserved and plans in motion for bachelorette fun... now, I just have to find the most fabulous Matron of Honor shoes a girl can think of!! Gosh - I love my Jen B!

Ethan needs "Big Boy" bedding. I can't find anything I like.. this has never happened before! Strange!

Still working on house stuff.. painting sounds good for this weekend.. or maybe the flower beds.. I dont know..

EXCITED for May 22nd!!! 2nd Annual Stickles Spring Soiree! :)



Heather said...

Maybe you can find a used pair of TB flip flops on ebay?

I have a black pair of her flip flops and love them. I say go for it, they were worth every penny.

Ashley said...

I'm reading South of Broad right now! (Like literally right now--just came in from my lunch break and I always read on my lunch break!) I'm not too far into it, but so far I really like it. My MIL recommended it me because we both love Charleston, and it has a ton of Charleston history in it. I'd love to chat about it after we both finish if you decide to read it!

Love from Texas said...

feel your pain on the bedding! most everything i saw online was so cheesy looking... ended up lucking out at marshall's home goods though, so there's hope yet!

oh i wish knox was old enough for summer activities... had a minor freak out moment yesterday when i realized that very soon i will be loosing my MDO days. i think i'll go insane.

for a novel - Redeeming Love. such a sweet, powerful story!

Trish said...

Hey Natalie! I read South of Broad last month and I HIGHLY recommend it! Those orange TB's are really stinkin cute ;)

Angie S said...

Ohhh I love those fun shoes!!! Super cute...and I have bedding issues for my little guy too. I'm going to end up with a solid color I guess b/c nothing jumps out at me.

Manda said...

I just started reading the Emily Griffin series, read Something Borrowed in a day and a half! I'd highly recommend it!

I've also just started Sophie Kinsella, Shopaholic series, and they are good also!

Russ, Anna, Pepper and Vesper said...

Just got caught up on you guys again. I do not know why your blog keeps disappearing from my friend list. Adding it again now!