Monday, April 5

Good Friday.. Zoo Day!

The kids were both out of school for Good Friday, so we decided to make good use of the sunshine and head to the Memphis Zoo! My friend April and her little one, Addyson, were able to go with us. Well, I think everyone else in the city of Memphis had the same idea b/c we had to wait for about 20 min in a line to even park! Luckily, we have a zoo membership, so we didn't have to wait to enter the zoo! Thank goodness b/c those lines were ridiculously long! It was definitely crowded but I think everyone had a great time! We always love getting to spend time with April and Addy! Ethan and Addy are the same age and will even be going to the same MDO soon! We are very excited! :) Addy will be a big sister in October and we couldn't be more thrilled for the Caldwell family!

The animals were obviously enjoying the weather too b/c not a one was sleeping the entire FOUR hours that we were there!! They were all up playing and roaming around. The monkeys were in full effect too! You could barely hear yourself think over all their rucus! The kids LOVED it though!

see April's baby belly?? SO CUTE!!

we got to see baby lambs!

everyone's kids like to climb on Bhudda, right?! haha!

They, of course, loved the polar bears!

AND the new Teton Trek! It was our first time to visit since it opened and we had a blast! The entrance looks like a huge log cabin and it is home to the new grizzly bears and wolves! In front of the cabin is a "geyser"! It shot water up really high into the air. The kids (Ethan) immediately took off for it and were soaked by the time we were able to drag them away! ha!

have you ever seen anyone SO happy to be SO wet?! :)

the two grizzly's were having a ball playing with each other! it was so fun to watch!

As we were leaving the Teton Trek area, we noticed that a crowd had gathered in the grass. So, we wandered over toward it to see what was going on. We quickly found out that a few trainers had brought a snake out for everyone to see. Now, when I say snake.. it was NOT your average garden snake. Oh no! It was about a 9ft long boa constrictor (or at least, that's what I think it was.. I didn't stay around long enough to ask questions.. haha!) So, what does my daughter do?? She walked up to it and PET it!!! YES! TOUCHED THE SNAKE!!! Not even an ounce of fear crossed her mind! OH MY GOODNESS!! This is the same girl who about lost herself when a bee passed in front of her, but a snake.. no biggie!

That's only about 1/3rd of the snake. I'm pretty positive that it could eat me whole!

Everyone was asleep in the car before we even made it out of the parking lot! What a fun day!! When we got home, I got busy making desert for our Good Friday bible study! Ethan had to test it out for me when he woke up! I think I got his approval! :)

Saturday started the Easter festivities!!! I'll try to get all of those posted this evening!! :)


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