Monday, April 19

Grove Bowl 2010

Saturday morning, we woke up bright and early and made our way down to the "Promised Land".. aka - Oxcord, Mississippi.. OLE MISS! :)

If you can believe it or not.. the kids had never been to Ole Miss.. never! I know.. I can't really believe it either. But, that all changed this weekend. They made their first trip down and fell in love! (i knew they would.. they're just like their mama!) ;) We've been wanting to take them down for a game for forever, but just couldn't bring ourselves to spend the $50+ on a game ticket on the slight chance that they would hate it and not last the game. So, we've held off, waiting for a good chance. This weekend we got our chance! The Ole Miss football team was holding the Grove Bowl. It's the annual red/blue team spring scrimmage. Tickets were MUCH less.. a definite plus!

We got down there about 2hrs before the game, just in time to do a little tailgating and playing. Luckily, they had 4 bounce houses set up in the Grove, so that kept them busy for about an hour! After that, we ate in the Grove and then walked around showing them the beautiful campus. We then made our way to the stadium for the game. Of course, just as we were walking to the stadium, the clouds broke free and the afternoon heat starting bearing down on us. I was waiting for LK to start complaining and no doubt she did!!! She lasted about 20 min in the stadium before we started hearing "It's toooo loud!!" "I'm hot and sweating!!".. oh, Lilly Kate!! Ethan could have cared less about the loudness and heat.. He was having the time of his life! I've never seen a kid so "in his element" like this kid was! Every time the line of scrimmage would come down to where we were sitting, he would get so excited! We are going to have to work on his team knowledge though. He got a little confused a few times and yelled out "Go MEMPHIS TIGERS!!" Umm.. NOT OK!! haha! We're definitely going to have to work on that for this season! ;) We stayed for about an hour and then headed back to the Grove.

All in all, it was an incredible day! The kids had a blast and I had so much fun watching them run around in the Grove and enjoy a game! We will definitely be going back for an "official" game this fall! Wellll... maybe not LK.. but definitely Ethan! ha! We'll have to make sure LK goes to a game later in the fall.. like, late October! (not as hot! = not as much complaining!!)

Daddy's Girl!!

Me & My Future Ole Miss Girl! (and yes, we stopped by my sorority house.. although, she was a little confused by what exactly a sorority is.. Chris' explanation of an "Ole Miss Sorority Girl" didn't help AT ALL!! haha! - oh well, she'll get it one day!) :)

Love this man!

YAY for bounce houses in the Grove!!! Whoever thought of this idea... I LOVE YOU!! :)

We met Colonel Reb!! LK said, "Mommy, LOOK!! It's the Hotty Toddy man!!"

LK got into "photoshoot" mood.. so, I snapped away!!

in front of the Lyceum

Vaught - Hemingway Stadium!

sooo intent on the action!

my sweet babies!

Ethan did this the whole time....

while Lilly Kate did this...

discussing the game..

She wanted a foam finger (i know.. a foam finger.. who knows why!!) So, this is her "Daddy, PLEASE!!!" She's already a pro at it! And you can see he's doing is best to ignore it! haha!

She was getting on to him for something... I see this exact scene playing out again in about 15 years!!

E made a friend!


OH - and here's that foam finger that Daddy was NOT going to get!!! He's such a sucker! haha!

Nope.. she's not excited at all!

Lord, help me! haha!

And because LK got something, Ethan had to get someting too! He chose a baseball, of course! And wouldn't you know that they were both EIGHT DOLLARS!! Are you kidding me?! Good thing I wasn't standing there when she gave the total, I would have glady said NO THANKYOU!! But those smiling faces made it worth it! :)

We had such a fun time down in Oxford! Although, attitudes were definitely fading on the way home! They both managed to pass out toward the end of the trip though. (thank goodness! ha!)

Sunday, we had our 2nd New Members Class and even ran into a few friends who were vising our church! After church we went home to get everything ready for a family dinner. My grandmother's sister is visiting from New York, so we had everyone over for steaks last night! Chris did such a good job.. it was so yummy! I hope Aunt Mary and Grams have a wonderful week together!! I think they're going down to the casinos tomorrow.. watch out Tunica!! ha! :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!! And THANK YOU for all the book suggestions!!! Ya'll are the best!! :)



Love from Texas said...

Cute pictures! I see many 'framers' :)

Sarah said...

I am sooooo jealous, oh how I miss the Grove!!!

Trish said...

Hi Natalie, this post made me so happy!!! Little LK's dress is PRECIOUS and the whole family just looks too cute. What a fun weekend, must have been a blast to see Ole Miss through your children's eyes. Gorgeous pictures, you and your hubby are such a sweet couple. I really enjoy coming by for visits at your blog! :)

Russ, Anna, Pepper and Vesper said...

AWE, what a fun day!!!!

Lindsey :) said...

Too funny- Love Love this post! What a sweet family! We couldn't make it down that weekend- but glad you guys had a great time!
-Lindsey :)