Tuesday, April 6

Easter Weekend!

First of all.. I am SO sorry for the picture overload the past few days! It's too hard to choose which pictures to post, so I end up posting too many! :) I'll try to work on that!!

Easter started Saturday morning at Noni and Papa's house! They had Easter baskets hidden for the kids to find.

Lilly found hers right away! It was full of goodies!

Ethan finally found his and it was filled with just as much fun stuff! Noni and Papa always give the most fun toys! :)

Later that night, we all colored Easter eggs. The kids always look forward to coloring eggs! One of these days I'm going to buy some better "dyeing glasses".. but until then, the regular kitchen glasses will have to do! :)

After the egg coloring, it was time to leave carrots and cabbage out for the Easter Bunny! The kids even stole a few of the carrots, but we wont tell the Bunny! ;)

Then, Dixie and Huck got a hold of one... well, at least Dixie did. Huck just pouted that he didn't get a bite!

After the kiddos were sound asleep, the Bunny made his rounds. This year he left the kids new bibles, a bible storybook, a mini garden set and extra seeds! It's kind of getting to the point where the kid's really have everything they want, so we're going to have to start getting creative with the gifts! There's just nothing left to buy!

They woke up bright and early Sunday morning and found their baskets! They, of course, had to plant their gardens right away! So.. needless to say, we were racing out of the door for church!

Now.. Easter outfits.. let me just tell you that it's been quite chilly for the past 4 or 5 Easter's in Memphis. So, I tried to be prepared this year and got the kid's the cutest little courdoroy outfits. Ethan wore his little apple green jumpsuit and LK wore a pink ruffle wrap dress. They looked adorable. But, OF COURSE, since I bought a heavier-weight material.. it was HOT! I was so upset! The kid's managed to make it through church and a visit to Nana & Papaw's, but then we had to go home and change them! They were bright red and sweaty! I felt terrible!! I guess from now on, I just need to invest in two seperate outfits! ha!

Ethan reading his new bible on the way to church! We had an amazing service! I just love Easter Sunday Church service!!

Afterwards, it was off to Nana & Papaw's for more Easter goodies! (Can we say, spoiled?!) Nana cooked a yummy brunch and it was great to visit with everyone!

Ethan was just beyond ready to play ping pong!

After we left Germantown, we went home to change clothes and then headed out to Bartlett to visit with Goo Goo! She had eggs hidden in the yard for the kiddos and had even more goodies for them! Lilly came home with doll house furniture and Ethan got a new dinosaur that roars and walks! All in all, I think everyone had a wonderful Easter!

This week, the kids go back to school FINALLY! We had 3 different spring breaks this year, so our schedule the past few weeks has been a little hectic! I am excited to get everyone back into our normal routine. The weather has been just gorgeous! We are all really enjoying it!

Tonight, I am going to attempt my first yoga class since my fall down the stairs! Wish me luck!! :)


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Trish said...

Natalie! I am so excited to have found your blog! (via Belle on Heels) - your sweet family is adorable! You and your hubby are so sweet and I can't wait to catch up on your archives. If you get a moment, hop over to my little world too! SO glad y'all had such a wonderful Easter full of family and fun (the best kind!) XXOX