Wednesday, April 14

meet baby connor!

One of my dearest friends, April , is one proud Aunt this morning!! Her brother & sister-in-law welcomed sweet baby Connor into the world on Monday! Congratulations Matt and Nicole!! He is just precious and I can not wait to love on him! :)

Nicole's blood pressure skyrocketed during her last few days of pregnancy, so they had to deliver Connor a few weeks early. After 12 hours of labor, she wasn't dialating, so they took him via c-section. Connor was having a little bit of labored breathing, so he is currently in the NICU. He really is doing quite well though!! Just needs to get those lungs a little stronger! :) Everyone please say a little prayer for Nicole as she struggles with such a difficult labor and now having a sick baby. I can't imagine not being able to hold your baby immediately after he's born! My heart breaks for her. And also, please pray that Connor's lung will get stronger and he will be able to leave the NICU and come home very soon!!


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