Thursday, October 14

30 Day Blog Challenge - Days 1-3

Ok... I've been reading everyone's blog posts to go along with the challenge and I finally decided to jump on board! So.. let's get started!

Day 1 - recent picture and 15 facts!

a picture of Chris and I from Jen's wedding!


{1} I am one year and 10 days older than my husband
{2} Chris and I lived in the same cove when we were toddlers and used to play together. We didn't realize it until our parents met.. 18 years later!
{3} I'm pretty sure that my kids are the cutest ones on the planet!
{4} I LOVE LOVE LOVE polka dots!!
{5} I have lived in Memphis my entire life, except for when I went to college at Ole Miss.
{6} I worked in a jewelry store for several years and can probably guess the size, color, clarity and price of your diamond ring just by looking at it! Yes.. it's true!
{7} I love to travel. San Francisco is my favorite city!
{8} I am OCD with home organization.
{9} Most of my friends, I have been friends with for over 10 years. Some even 20+.
{10} I DO NOT cook!!
{11} I wear pearls everyday.
{12} I didn't buy my first pair of tennis shoes until just a few years ago.
{13} I am ALMOST ready to have another baby.
{14} My dream as a little girl was to be a Rockette. Unfortuately you can't magically add 5 inches to your height!
{15} I have the cutest puppy in the world!

Day 2 - Meaning behind my blog name

Nothing exciting here... life @ the stickles house.. just a peek into our everyday lives! :)

Day 3 - First Love

Well, I can honestly say that my husband is the only person that I just knew right away that I wanted to marry. There were only two other boys that I gave a little bit of my heart too though. First, was Adam in high school. He was the most perfect "first love"! Next, was Daniel in college. He was a great college boyfriend. Fun and challenging! I am so glad to say that I am still friends with both of the wonderful guys!! They are incredible people and I hope that one day they too meet their "one"! :) I met Chris right after college and we immediately fell for each other. Even through everything we went through and all the time we spent apart from each other, we each knew deep down that we were meant to be. It took no time at all for us to rekindle and decide to spend our lives together.

Ok.. I think that catches me up! Visit Katie's blog to read more! :)


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