Monday, October 25

Stickles Family Camp Out!!

Saturday night, we decided to try something new! The kids have been begging to go camping, and well.. I wasn't about to drive an hour or so outside of the city for them just to fall to pieces and us all end up in a Holiday Inn somewhere! ha! So.. we decided to try a campout in the backyard first! We borrowed a tent (I was NOT about to spend $100 on a one-time use thing) and set up our "camp site" in the backyard. Surprisingly... the kiddos LOVED it!!! Not one complaint! I was shocked! We will definitely be purchasing a new tent and going "REAL" camping VERY soon! :) And yes.. for all of you real life friends reading this... I ENJOYED IT TOO! ha! (i am definitely not the "outdoorsy" type! haha!)

we had gone to a halloween carnival early that day, so that's why he has face paint on.. left over from his costume! can you tell how excited he was??! :)

E teaching me how to make s'mores! He is an expert s'more maker thanks to "The Sandlot"!

roasting the mallows!


after we made s'mores, we all settled in the tent to watch a movie! movie choice... "The Goonies"!!



We had SO much fun!! I think every family should do this at least once! We all slept SO well outside! (well, except for the sore backs the next day! ha!) The kids definitely enjoyed it and in the end.. that's all that matters! We can't wait to do it again! Luckily, we got everything cleaned up on Sunday before the rain came in! Thankfully, too, b/c it POURED! We spent most of Sunday on the couch, except for the quick trip to the mall.

I'll post more about our weekend soon! I hope everyone is having a great Monday!


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Haven's Mom said...

What a fun family idea!! Thanks for sharing!! :)