Wednesday, October 6


Well, this past weekend marked a very huge FIRST in the world of Ethan Stickles... his very first sports game!!! Soccer, to be exact!

He's been oh-so ready to play on a team for the longest time. It was just a matter of waiting till he was old enough. Luckily, I found a soccer organization that lets them start at 3. I signed him up that day!

He's been practicing for a few weeks and Saturday was his first game. Of course, everyone came out! And of course... he refused to play! ha! Poor Chris.. he's the assisstant coach and was doing everything possible to get E out on the field while still coaching the other kids! E was NOT having it! It was until Big Daddy promised him ice cream from the ice cream truck the he got out there.. for a whole FIVE minutes!! HA! I should have figured that would happen! He's definitely my bashful baby.. stage-fright! ;)

getting a pep talk! (that's DIDN'T work!) ;)

what a sweet big sister!!

his one kick of the game!

coach and son.. love it!

After the ice cream, he was back to his usual perky-self! We left the game and headed to Swanky's for lunch (and in case you're wondering.. yes, we always tend to go to Swanky's after soccer - Ethan gets to pick and he ALWAYS picks the "taco place"!). After Swanky's we ventured out to the mall and got some GREAT deals!!

On Sunday, LK and I met up Ricky's girlfriend, Jessica, and attended Mistletoe Merchants (a local gift show with hundreds of vendors). We managed to get some really good deals and came home with a few goodies! While we were gone, Chris took Ethan and Huck to the park...

I guess this is what happens when the 3yr old is in charge of the leash! :)

After the shopping extravaganza, LK and I went to a sip-n-see for a friend. Sweet Baby Will was BEYOND precious!!!

All in all, a pretty good weekend! And considering our crazy October schedule.. a pretty relaxed one!


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