Tuesday, October 12

Fall Break, Pumpkins & a trip to the Zoo!

We had a great weekend around our house!! We are definitely loving the beautiful weather.. although, i have to admit.. just when i thought i was enjoying it getting cooler, it got HOT again! Oh well! Just gives me a week or so more to get all my fall wardrobe essentials! ;)

We started off the weekend with Soccer Game #2 on Saturday. This one went ALOT better! Chris and Ethan went to the game ahead of LK and me, so he had already started playing by the time we got there. He was adorable!! I think I have a little soccer star on my hands! ;)

Yes, that's my child... stripping! ha!

his half time kick!

He had a great game!!

Later on Saturday, we decided to let the kids go ahead and get a few pumpkins. Ethan kept saying that he wanted to "paint pumpkins", so we gave in! Of course, the warm weather completely messed up our "fall" outfits, so I just dug in their closets and found something cute. Hopefully, we'll get to go again when it's cooler and get our real pumpkin patch pics for this year!

We just went around the corner to 2nd Baptist to let the kiddos get some to paint. They had TONS!

Of course, LK searched and searched for the most perfect round and orange pumpkin she could find!

She found one!

WHAT is this???!!

a quick attempt at a family pic... take 1

and.. take 2! i'm sure Candice will do a much better job when we take our official fall pics this weekend! :)

We went home, put the kids in play clothes.. well, stripped Ethan down! ha!.. and let them go to town with craft paint. We also put in The Indian In The Cupboard, and would you know?! They LOVED it! Ethan even turned one of his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse playsets into his "cupboard" and filled it with his army men! So cute!

look at that masterpiece!

he LOVED it!

Those are the sweetest pumpkins I've ever seen!

Sweet Boy! It's almost his birthday!!! Our BIG 1 year old baby!!!

Sunday, we went to Gibson's for donuts. They are always a fave and are always delish!

E showing Daddy that his shirt matched our tray!

Nothing like a chocolate covered, Mickey Mouse sprinkled donut to start your day!

After donuts, it was off to the zoo! We had a great time!! It was early, so it was still cool and not crowded. We love having our membership on days like Sunday! The weather was just perfect!! All of the animals were out and playing. The kids had a blast!

They were also enjoying the weather as much as we were! ha!

obviously, i've already lost what little summer color i had! ha!

we were able to catch the giraffe feeding!

All in all, it was another crazy busy, yet wonderfully fun weekend around our house! This week is no different! Our calendar always seems so full! We are really looking forward to this coming up weekend!! We have fall pics scheduled and an early birthday night out for me!! :)

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week!



Natasha said...

isn't it the simple things in life that are absolutely the best?? loving those painted pumpkins!! =)

Ashley said...

Love the pictures. Your children are precious!