Friday, October 22

Show Us Your Life: Children's Rooms & Catch-Up!

Well, I have REALLY gotten behind on the SUYL posts! :( OOOPS! I am determined to catch up though! So, let's start with this week... Children's rooms and Nurseries. Well, there are no nurseries in my house currently, but I we do have two rooms that have Lilly Kate and Ethan Stickles written all over them! :)


LK's room has changed ALOT since she was born. It started off as light pink and green toile print. Typical baby girl room. Now she's in her "bigger" little girl stage, so it's a little brighter. It gets more "grown up" as the days go on though. Makes me a little sad!

{like I say in all these posts.. EVERYTHING in our house is still a work-in-progress! ha!}

Chris and I made the upholstered headboard and I LOVE the way it turned out! All her bedding if from PBK, although I still need to buy her a bed skirt. Lately, I've been thinking about making her a hot pink tulle one though.. I just think that would look GREAT! :)

usually this area is NOT this tidy.. there's typically about 5-6 hairbows all over it! ha!

there's that pink kitchen! {story behind pink kitchen - when she was 2, she fell in love with it in the PBK catalogue.. i mean IN LOVE! so.. i searched high and low for it (b/c Lord knows I couldn't afford the one from the catalogue). i found it on Ebay.. still WAY too much $.. ordered it & all the matching appliances and i can count one ONE HAND how many times she has played with that thing!!! she even told one of her friends that she could take it to her house if she wanted too!!! OMG! Chris calls it "our worst purchase EVER! haha! OH THAT PINK KITCHEN!}

and no.. still haven't hung the drapes in her room either! ;)

what room isn't complete w/o a bookcase full of Elvis pics??!

view from her door. see what I mean about the hot pink tulle bedskirt?! i just think it would be such a great pop of color!


When we found out that Ethan was going to be a boy, I immedately started searching for ideas for his room. I hate "themes", so I definitely wanted to steer clear of anything related to baseball, football, race cars.. anything that is typically "boy" nursery realted. So, I chose neutral bedding and built everything around that. The main colors are red and blue and all the decor is vintage cars, trucks, trains and planes. I LOVE it! His room is probably one of my favorite in the house. It still has the "baby" look, but is getting "bigger" all the time.

view from this door. unfortunately his room is the smallest in the house, so it's a bit cramped for space!

his new "BIG BOY" bed with the bedding he picked out from PBK.. construction trucks.. he definitely is a Stickles! :) The mobile is the same one that hung over his crib.. vintage airplanes. The pictures are vintage magazine pages that I purchased on Ebay for his nursery. I LOVE THEM!!! They are from the 50's.

My grandfather was on of the first 100 employees of FedEx. When Ethan was born, he gave him that airplane. Ethan LOVES it and calls it "Popie's plane". Even when he sees a FedEx plane flying in the air he yells out "HEY POPIE!!!" And, living in Memphis, you can imagine how many times that happens on a daily basis!! :) The train set is Chris' grandfather's and the CAT tractors are a special order from CAT. The basetball goal is a hand-me-down from Chris, but is getting replaced by a newer model from Santa this Christmas! ;)

Ethan's dressing table was my dressing table when I was born. It was made by a family friend. The matching cradle was made by my grandfather. LK will get the cradle and E will get the dressing table for my future grandbabies!!!! ;)

And, of course, Ethan's best friend is never too far away! :)

Ok.. so let's get caught up now...


i have slipcovered chairs in there now, but want to replace them soon! Still deciding!! We never used to eat in our dining room, but now that our house is smaller, we do! Time to upgrade!!


i love how big and open our kitchen is! i REALLY want an island of sorts to go in there! i think i may have found the perfect one at an antique store.. maybe I can convince Chris to go pick it up! :)

LOVE our gas range!!! (and that's our recycling stuff.. not regular trash! haha!)

my favorite part of the kitchen!!

opening to hallway

backdoor! i love that it's black!

this is my absolute FAVORITE part of the kitchen. this cabinet was like this when we moved it. it holds ALL of the kids stuff.. plates, bowels, cups, lunch containers.. EVERYTHING! the middle section also moves to reveal more storage in the very back! LOVE IT!!!

See what I mean??! It hold everything!

And lastly... MASTER BEDROOM

I wont bore you with too many pics of this room. It's definitely the least decorated of the entire house (but isn't that the way it always goes??! ha!). Our room is SO MUCH smaller that in our old house, so we're still adjusting to the lack of space!

A little project I did, these are picture frames that I purchased a Target. They have a linen back. So, I took off the glass and got some cute pins and hung all the jewelry I typically wear on them. (ok.. I'm not going to lie.. I hardly ever wear any of it! haha! - like I have time or go anywhere to do that!! - but it's cute to have!) So cute and only cost me about $10!

Huck's bed!!

Ok.. I think that catches me up! Go over to Kelly's Korner to see more!:)


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