Monday, October 18


Last night, Chris and I celebrated my birthday a little early. He got me tickets to go see Wicked! I was SO excited!! I didn't get to go last year b/c the timing just didn't work out with everything else we had going on, so I was determined to go this year! (and talk about an easy gift for him this year! ha!) It was AMAZING!!!! I have seen so many Broadway shows, but this is definitely one of my top faves! Even Chris said that it was good, and he doesn't normally enjoy them all that much! ha!

Luckily, my sweet sweet sister, Lynsey, came over and watched the kiddos for us, so we were able to leave a little early to get a quick bite to eat downtown before the show. We grabbed some sushi at BlueFin {definitely try the Creamy Crab Fondue - OMG! It was to die for!} and then headed to the Orpheum for a quick drink.

Of course, Ethan refused to take his nap and ended up falling asleep late, which meant that he didn't wake up till right as we were leaving. So, of course, he was extra clingy and trying everything in his power to get me to stay home! Lyns promised him popcorn though, so he quickly perked up and let us go!

my sweet boy!

World's BEST Husband.. hands down! :)

The music was amazing.. the story was amazing.. the colors were amazing.. just plain AMAZING!


Who knew that the Wicked Witch wasn't really that wicked at all??! Hmmm.. ;)


It was definitely the best birthday gift!! I am so thankful for such an amazing husband! He was WAY TOO good to me! :)


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