Monday, October 18

We LOVE Candice Tate!

So, on Saturday afternnon, we met up with my good friend, Candice, for a few fall family photos! Unfortunately, Ethan was just NOT having it that day at all! I am so impressed with her though.. b/c considering Ethan's not-so-great mood, she got some fabulous pics!! She posted a few sneak peeks on facebook... I can not wait to see the rest! :)

Look at Huck.. haha! LOVE IT!

see.. i knew they loved each other! ;)

Love this! If only my face didn't look like it belongs on a hippo! Could my cheeks be any bigger??! UGH! I guess it's time to lose those extra 12 lbs that have snuck up on me! :(

typical LK!

Now... to choose which one will be on our Christmas Card this year??! She is making my decision way too dificult! :)

Thank you, Candice! You did an amazing job!!



The LaJeunesse Family said...

hippo my butt! you look great! :)

Ashley said...

beautiful pictures!!!

Kathryn said...

Your family is beautiful! And could your daughter look anymore like your husband?!?

Candice Lynn said...

Thank you! I hope to have the rest finished in the next week or so. So much fun with the Stickles Clan!

And hippo??? Pulease