Monday, October 18

Happy Birthday, Huck!!

Friday, our sweet puppy, Huck, marked his first year on this big ole Earth! We got Huck right before Christmas last year and he was 9 weeks, so we just counted back the days and came up with October 15th for his birthday! (really, we just had to pick a day so that the kids could celebrate! they wanted a party for him so bad!) So, on Friday, we ran around town all afternoon getting everything ready! We had to get all the ingredients to make his doggie birthday cake {LK told me that she had to make one.. i was NOT allowed to buy one! ha!}, cupcakes for the people guests, and of course.. gifts from the kiddos! :)

What Puppy Party isn't complete without Muddy's cupcakes!! MMM... {FYI - if you haven't tried the lemone cupcake - Pucker Up - TRY IT!! DELISH!}

singing Happy Birthday to the birthday boy! (please excuse Chris' appearance - he and E had just come home from soccer practice!)

such a typical one year old.. he only wanted to lick the icing! ;)

doesn't he look so happy! he LOVED all the attention!

E and LK had a great time openeing all of his gifts! You would have thought that it was their birthday!

Huck got so many great toys from Noni & Papa and Goo-Goo!

Ethan got the biggest bone I've ever seen for Huck. LK had to go a little more elaborate, of course! She picked out the Vineyard Vines whale collar. I have to admit.. it's precious! It looks so handsome on Huck!

He definitely loved his doggie ice cream!

Look at that sweet boy!! He was exhausted after all his birthday fun! I dont know if dogs have any concept of birthdays, but he sure did know that Friday was HIS day! He was a ball of energy and had a blast! I've never seen a dog so giddy!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HUCK!!! We look forward to SO many more years with you!!


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