Thursday, January 5

2012 Goals

I seriously can NOT believe that it is already 2012. When I think about how fast 2011 went by, I am in awe. This time last year, I had just recently found out that we were going to welcome another Stickles baby into the world.. and now he's almost 6 mo old!! I spent most of 2011 being pregnant and getting ready for our sweet boy, but most importantly we spent alot of 2011 devoting some special time to LK and E before baby arrived! Then, baby arrived and I got some quality one and one time with all three of my sweet kiddos! It feels like the year just flew by at warp speed!

With the anticipation of Gray's arrival and then his arrival in July, I feel like I really didn't alot of time to focus on myself or Chris. It was all about kids, kids, kids! (which is completely ok!) So, this year.. my goals are alot more centered around him and our relationship, and even myself personally. And.. maybe a few that have to do with the kiddos! ;)

My 2012 Goals
  • Go on atleast 2 date nights per month with Chris.  - We NEVER get to do this.. which is silly b/c both of our families are here in town and are always begging to watch the kiddos. Even when we do let LK and E stay the night out, we always keep Gray at home. Well, I think he'll survive w/o Mommy and Daddy for two nights per month! I think spending quality (no CHILDREN) time with your husband is one of the key ingredients to a healthy marriage. We definitely need to start making this a priority!
  • Stay on top of blogging!! - Obviously y'all have seen how the last few months have been on my blog.. me constantly catching up! Well, NO MORE! I feel like I missed so many little details over the past few months and I feel terrible about it! So, from now on.. I have to dedicate a little more time to making sure I document our lives better!
  • Read to the kiddos every night no matter how crazy our evening might be! - We actually do a pretty good job at reading to the kids and making sure everyone is in bed on time. However, some nights (you know what I mean, we all have them!) It takes everything we have to just throw them in bed and turn the lights out b/c we are beyond exhausted!! I want to make sure that no matter what kind of day/evening we've had, that we take that extra 15min to read stories and chat. I think that's SO importnant and makes them so extremely loved!!
  • Start working out again.....  - Y'all.. seriously! I am SO out of shape! I did a bootcamp for a month right after I had Gray and it definitely helped me trim down most of the baby weight. That kind of exercise just really isn't my thing though. I really enjoy yoga and pilates, so I'm going to find a class near me and sign up! No more excuses!! I dont want to lose weight.. I'm happy where I am. I'd just really like to be tone and more healthy! I'd really like to start Purre Barre. As a former ballerina, this is right up my alley!
  • Train for the St. Jude 1/2 Marathon - I've decided... I'm going to do it! Have I ever been a runner?? NOPE! Do I have enough determination to do it?? YOU BETCHA! Luckily, I have a heath-nut, personal trainer for a brother, so guess what he's going to be doing???!!!! ;)
  • Start sewing & monogramming again - I haven't really done anything, except for Gray, for almost a year now! I REALLY need to start doing more stuff for the kiddos before they adamantly refuse to wear it! ha!
  • Cook more with my husband! - He loves it and I love doing anything with him that he enjoys, so why not??! Maybe we can do a Viking date night and kill two birds with one stone!!! ;)
  • Read - Do you want to know how many books I've read in the past few years... ONE! Yes, one! SO SAD!! You Mommys know how it is though. When you finally get the chance to sit and relax for a minute, you are asleep faster than you can imagine! I really love to read though, so I'm making it a point to do so. So far, I've already read one book since the start of the new year! (Hey, go big or go home, right??!) I am well on my way to literary achievement! :)
Ok.. well, that's all I can really think of right now. I'm sure 1000 more will pop into my head as soon as I post this! But, I definitely think this is a good list to start off with. I dont really do "resolutions". I like to do goals. That way I can constantly add to them and modify them and continue to work on them. I dont feel as though a goal is ever complete, it's just something that you continually strive to accomplish! I think its good to always have goals! Here's to new goals and a new year! May 2012 bring my family and loved ones as many blessings and happiness as 2011 did! (to you to yours, as well!) We are SO looking forward to it!


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emily said...

Great goals!

I've heard wonderful things about Purre Barre!

Can't believe Gray is already 6 months. Time is flying!

Happy 2012!