Monday, January 9

Laid Back Weekend!

We finally had a low key weekend! HORRAY! After all the hustle and bustle of the holidays and then going out of town, we were in desperate need to just lay low!

Friday night, Chris and I actually enjoyed a little date night! He called mid-day and asked me to dinner. So sweet of him! Of course, my mind immediately started racing with all the tasks I had to accomplish before then. ha! So, as soon as the kiddos and I got home from picking everyone up from school, I got to work on some embroidering that I needed to get done for my grandmother. She had a baby shower to go to and asked me to monogram a few onesies and burp cloths. After getting most of that completed, we dropped the kiddos off with Chris' parents and indulged ourselves in some delicious Bahama Breeze! YUM! After some Bahamaritas, Jerk Shrimp, and YUMMY flatbread, we were filled to the gills!

On the way to dinner, we passed by GiGi's and decided to stop in and get the kiddos a surprise! So, when we got back to Noni and Papa's we all enjoyed some cupcakes! We were celebrating a certain Little Man's SIX month birthday (yes, post to come!) AND a certain KING's birthday!! You bet that we celebrate Elvis' birthday at our house! LK wouldn't have it any other way! :) His birthday was actually Sunday, but we just threw them both in together!

YUMMY cupcakes!!!

More and more, Gray is looking like Lilly Kate! He came out looking identical to Ethan and people still say that he looks just like him, but I see more LK. I found a pic of LK at her 6mo birthday party. (Yes, you read that right! Oh, to be the first and only girl!! ha! Poor E and Gray!) So, I compared them. My oh my.. see what I mean!! I think it's the eyes and cheeks??!

We were scheduled to take family photos/6mo photos downtown on Saturday, but it ended up raining so we had to reschedule. That gave us free to time to go to sweet Emerson's party though! She turned 2 and is just precious!! The kiddos got to play together and all the parents got to chat. It was great catching up with the girls..I feel like I never see anyone anymore! Haley had a "Very Hungry Caterpillar" party for her and it couldn't have been cuter!

Of course, since weren't planning on attending, I had to run to find her a gift at the last minute. I had a brow apt at 9:30, went to Target, then wandered over to PB Outlet. I ended up getting her the Pink Dot Papasan Chair and SHE LOVES IT!!

After the party, we ran a few errands (Toys R Us - Gray cashed in a gift card for some bath toys!, JCPenny - Grams got me towels for both bathrooms for Christmas (YAY!!!! I AM SO OLD!!!) and I needed a few more, and JoAnn's Fabrics - thread) and then grabbed an early dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. After that, we called it a night!

Sunday, we all managed to sleep in! HALLELUJAH! Then we started picking up around the house. Since Christmas, Gray's toys have been all over the house! While I was at Target on Saturday, I picked up some storage buckets for him, so on Sunday we put those to good use. Thank goodness! There is finally some order back in the house! Then my Uncle David and Patty came over. Just before Christmas, we bought a new tv for our bedroom. A MUCH SMALLER tv! In our old house, we had a small tv in the bedroom (that actually went out right before we moved), our regular living room flatscreen, and then another flatscreen that my grandfather had given Chris in the playroom. Well, when we moved, we were left with the 2 large tvs. So, unfortunately our living room tv went into our bedroom and the playroom tv went into the living room b/c it has to sit on a stand. The stand wouldn't fit in our bedroom (oh, the woes of a tiny East Memphis house!), so there was no choice. I HATED IT!!! So, I finally convinced Chris that we needed a smaller tv in our room. We decided to give my Uncle the tv that was currently in the living room. We figured since my grandfather gave it to us to begin with, that we should return the good deed and give it to someone else. He mentioned that he was interested, so we arranged a pick up! Now, we have our regular tv back in the living room and the much smaller tv in the bedroom and i couldn't be happier!!! Those huge tvs everywhere just looked awful and tasteless!

Uncle David surprised Patty with a new puppy for Christmas. LK fell in love with him!!! I have to admit.. I did too! She wants a small dog SO bad. Unfortunately a small dog wouldn't last long with Huck and two boys! ;) I've told her that when she's older and can take care of it on her own, then she can have whatever she wants!

After that, it was lunch, grocery shopping, dinner and BED! Hopefully, our relaxing weekend will carry on into this week! Fingers crossed! :)


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