Friday, January 27

It’s about time…


That’s right.. not 1, but TWO teeth coming through at the same time!!!! No wonder his fever was out of control! Poor little man! He’s been handling it like a champ though, that’s for sure! :)


Look at that smile!! Probably some of the last shots I’ll get of that sweet toothless grin!


Do you see them??? The two bottom teeth??!


I bet you did now! ;) He’s been working on them for MONTHS and we could see them just below the skin. Of course they would decide to pop through all at the same time!


And, yes, along with those teeth comes the runny nose! Still precious as always though!


Oh, my blue eyed baby! LK and E’s eyes have turned a bluish grey color.. his are still as blue as the ocean though! I love it!


My sweet sweet baby!

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The Smiths said...

Aww, he's such a cutie! I just love when they get those 2 bottom teeth and give a big smile. Its so cute!