Wednesday, January 11

Gray: 6 months


I can NOT believe that Gray is already half of a year old!!! It just doesn’t seem right! He is such a sweet and precious little guy and I couldn’t imagine life without him. He’s is growing like a weed and keeping us all on our toes! :)

I also went back a finally posted his 4 month and 5 month stats and pics! I’ve had the posts in draft and the pictures on the computer.. it was just a matter of putting it all together! ;)


WOW! It’s getting harder and harder to get pictures of this squirmy little guy!








  • You are 21 pounds and 3 ounces

  • You are 29 inches long

  • You are wearing 12 - 18 month onesies and clothes and 18mo pjs

  • You are in size 4 diapers

  • You still love your exersaucer and johnny jummper!

  • You are rolling everywhere!! You have also learned the fine art of SCOOTING!!! SOOOOOO close to crawling! I really believe that if we had carpet in our living areas, then you’d already be crawling!

  • You are almost sitting completely on your own! You sit sort of hunched over for a few seconds and then fall.

  • You are doing great at napping at school! You’ve gotten more used to your surroundings and you’re sleeping for about 1 hr to 2 hrs while at school. You got to bed around 8 and wake up around 5am. We’ve also started putting you down while you’re awake so you can learn to self soothe and fall asleep on your own.

  • No paci at all! In fact, I don’t even carry an emergency one anymore! I am SO proud of you!

  • You’re still taking 1/2 a Prevacid tab a night. The Enfamil AR is working GREAT!!! You are almost holding your bottle all on your own!

  • You eat 8 oz every 3 hours for a total of about 48oz/day.

  • You LOVE bath time!! Splashing is your favorite thing to do. We’ve moved you to the “big boy” part of the infant tub so that you can sit up. You are so proud of yourself! You love playing with your bath toys and getting water everywhere!

  • You are very talkative and are always smiling and laughing. You love to interact with Lilly Kate and Ethan and have become quite the little social bug at MDO! You love to yell at us.. it’s hilarious! I have a feeling you’re going to be a loud little guy as you get bigger. With all the chaos in our house, you probably think it’s the only way you can communicate! ha!

  • You are now going to MDO 4 days/week!! You absolutely LOVE it! Your teachers are so sweet and so good to you!

  • We’re hoping to FINALLY get a tooth all the way through this month!! It’s just almost there

  • You have mastered all stage 1 foods and we’ve moved on to stage 2. You are loving the stage 2 b/c there is more consistency. You were beginning to spit the stage 1’s back at us b/c it was all so runny. You LOVE to eat!! :) You now eat “breakfast”, “lunch”, and “dinner”. You love sitting in your highchair and watching everyone!

  • Despite all the toys Santa brought you, your toes are your favorites things to play with!

  • You are blowing raspberries non-stop and have learned your first word… “Dada”!!!

  • You are such a tummy sleeper! We put you to bed on your back, but you immediately turn on your side. By the time Mommy and Daddy go to bed, you are completely on your tummy. (you get that from Mommy!)

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