Sunday, January 22

My little G Baby

This weekend turned out to be quite eventful! Gray started running fever Friday night and was definitely not feeling himself. I really just blamed it on a tooth that was just popping through the gums though. I didn’t think much else of it. It was a rough night though and we were up with him ALL night! And, all night his fever just kept rising. Even with us switching up Tylenol and Motrin and doing tepid baths. By 7am, it was up to 102. I called the pediatrician at 8 but they didn’t open till 9, so I decided to try to get him to drink a bottle and take a little nap. He drank a few ounces but then he had a febrile seizure in my arms. Talk about scary!!! Fortunately, I knew what was going on. LK and E never had one, but I had heard of them. So, I didn’t panic. After about 20 seconds, he stopped shaking and started interacting with me. We decided not to wait on the pediatrician’s office. We ended up loading everyone in the car to drop LK and E off with Chris’ parents so that we could take Gray to the LeBonheur Minor Med. We got everyone dropped off and to the minor med, only to find out that they didn’t open till 12!! I was starting to get a little annoyed at this point! So, I called the pediatrician’s office back. She told me to just head downtown with him b/c they would want to run tests and it was more than what their office could do. At this point, I did panic! We’ve never had to go downtown with any of the other kids, so I was starting to get really worried about him.

We made our trek downtown, anticipating the worst! I was extremely surprised though! It was a very pleasant visit. I walked in with Gray while Chris parked, and before he could even get inside, I was called into the triage area for Gray to be assessed. When the nurse took his core temp, it had gone up to 103.9!!! No wonder he had a seizure.. his poor little body just couldn’t hand it!! His heart rate was also elevated. They immediately gave him a strong dose of Tylenol and immediately sent him back to a regular room to see a doctor. Within 15 min, the doctor was in and taking a peek at him. She ordered blood work and got him hooked up to monitors. The only terrible part of our time there was when they were trying to get blood from him. He’s so “roll-y” that they were having a hard time finding a good vein. The poor nurses searched and searched. They held off pricking him until they really thought they could get a good one, but unfortunately it didn’t give them anything. Poor baby was crying and crying.. Mommy was too! They were finally able to get enough from his foot. They ran the tests and luckily everything came back normal. His fever was coming down and once it was completely down, they let us come home. They think he picked up the flu from Chris. Despite the fact that all three kiddos had the shot, he still ended up with it! :(

We all came home and took LONG naps! We were all exhausted!!! His poor little hands and feet are bruised.. BUT his fever has stayed mostly down!! Hopefully, he’ll get rid of this funk soon and be back to his normal, happy self!! I HIGHLY recommend the hospital and it’s amazing staff! I was expecting have to wait for hours and that was certainly not the case. I hope we don’t have to venture down there again any time soon, but if/when we do.. I wont be so anxious about it!

I snapped these Friday night before he started feeling bad:


He loves to chew on that Hippo rattle!


He has finally learned how to grab onto the mobile above his swing. (which he is way too big for anyway!) I happened to catch him while I was sitting across from him.



He saw my camera flash and quickly moved his hand away and snuck a peek at me! It was so cute!!

Today he is feeling MUCH better! We’re still rotating T and M to keep the fever down, but he’s starting to eat more and his attitude is almost back to normal. We have a follow up with his pediatrician tomorrow to get a good check up, but I can already tell that he’s starting to feel a lot better! :) Today, we’ve been bleaching, washing, and Lysol-ing the ENTIRE house!!


emily said...

Wow. Bless his heart. I know that had to be scary for all of you.

Glad he's feeling much better!

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

Our Lilah had a febrile seizure back in September while my mom was watching the kids. I cannot imagine witnessing it, because she was so out of it afterwards it was scary enough for me. We were told it's not how high it gets, it's how fast it rises or falls. We were also told that once they have one, they are more likely to have them again until about age 4. So we always watch her really closely now when she's starting to feel warm. Hope little Gray is on the mend!

Kathryn Reynolds said...

So frightening! I'm glad he's doing better though. I hope he continues to recover quickly!