Wednesday, January 4

Christmas Day

Like I said in the last post, we were able to spend all of Christmas Day at home! It was FABULOUS!!! We never get to do this, so it was such a great change. Chris and I decided that from now, that is exactly how we’re doing Christmas! It’s way more fun and relaxing for the kiddos, and they’re who Christmas is all about, right??! Well, them and Baby Jesus! :)

Around 4 that afternoon, Chris’ family started arriving. We got to opening gifts and again the kiddos were spoiled!





After exchanging gifts, we ate dinner. Chris baked a delicious ham for sandwiches, along with some pasta salad and yummy sides!


Everyone was EXHAUSTED after such a long day. Little Man held out till the end though!


On Monday, we ventured out to Rosemark to celebrate Christmas with my Dad and his family. We went early to exchange gifts, then got to enjoy another delicious lunch. I was food spoiled this holiday season!! Yet again, we loaded up on way too many goodies!


Look at that precious Cubs hat!! Thank, Aunt Joell!



I couldn’t resist snapping a few pics of Gray and Grandpa!


All in all, we had an amazing Christmas!!


Ok… no more Christmas posts.. I promise! :)


emily said...

Looks like a good Christmas was had by all!

Happy 2012!

Sarah said...

I can't believe how big Gray is getting!! :) He is so precious!

Love the new blog look btw, not sure how new it is but I just saw it! :)