Tuesday, January 3

Christmas Morning

We all woke up bright and early Christmas morning! I think Ethan was up around 6:30 and woke Chris and I up. We made him wait while we fed Gray a bottle, then we gave him permission to go wake LK up. He was SO excited!! Santa left QUITE the loot this year!!


LK and E got PB beanbags to replace their old Anywhere chairs. (BTW – these were a pain to put together!!)


The rest of Santa’s goodies!! Seriously.. I know I went overboard, but this is just proof that we need a bigger house ASAP! ;)


LK’s gifts:

Barbies goodies – a bathtub set and a kitchen set; dollhouse furniture – a bedroom set and a kitchen set; American girl goodies – the violin set, the school desk with backpack accessories, the cheer outfit, pink glasses, sporty sandals, doll earrings, Bitty Baby monitor, Bitty Baby carrier, and matching pjs; PB ribbon watch set; American girl “doll school” set; new bins for all of her Barbie and AG stuff; framed quote pictures for her room and a memo board; a Vera Bradley hipster purse; and her BIG gift… an ipod touch!


Gray’s gifts:

Spinnin’ Sounds Speedway, Fisher Price Animal Sounds Zoo, Busy Ball Elepopper, Fisher Price Construction set (I don’t remember the exact name), a Hungry Caterpillar puzzle, Little People Batman figures and cars, Baby Einstein dvd, the adorable PB animal critter chair, and a few new books.


Ethan’s gifts:

A Marvel Encyclopedia, Nerf darts for his guns, a Star Wars beach towel, a GI Joe parachuter, Hot Wheels Sky Jump, Star Wars and GI Joe men, Crayola 3D books, Disney leapster game, Imaginex Ninja house (we actually forgot to get this out until the after ALL the gifts were opened! so, it had to end up being from Mommy and Daddy! ha!), The Big Game Hunt Wii game, Star Wars Lego Wii game,  and the CAT tractor.


The tractor was a big hit!


Santa didn’t forget Mommy and Daddy either! Chris got a new drill, Crate and Barrel cutting board, and a Camelback for while he’s kayaking/running. I got my Kitchen Aid mixer, my very own pink tool set, Kate Spade ipad case, West Elm throw, and I was extremely surprised to open a little package with the Michael Kors watch that I wanted!!! Santa was WAY too good to me! :) We also were able to get a new laptop (HORRAY!!!! NO more old circa 2006 Dell! a new and spectacular HP!) and an ipad!! I AM OBSESSED WITH IT! Huck wasn’t left out either. We went to the pet store and he got LOTS of goodies!!


Our stockings were filled! LK got pink glitter Toms and Disney Sing It Wii game. Ethan got red Toms, superhero cookie cutter set from WS, a matching Captain America spatula, Chris got new slippers, an Asian strainer, and a new black polo. Gray got some PB bibs and PB animal rattles.



I think she was a little excited about the ipod!! (and yes.. the Otterbox was a MUST!)





He was SO excited about his hunting game!!! He’s been begging for this!





Huck loved his goodies too!


Gray had just as much on Christmas morning as he did on Christmas Eve!











Some of the aftermath! What a mess!!! SO worth it though!


Santa had one last hidden gift for Ethan… his BB GUN!!!! He has asked for 2 Christmas’s in a row now for this and he finally got it!


After Goo Goo got to the house, we decided to give their HUGE gift from Mommy and Daddy…



I took them a minute to figure out what it was. I had purchased new smoked Mickey outfits for the three of them, along with t-shirts. I put those on the top of the box, then put an ornament I had ordered with all of us wearing Mickey ears, lastly I put their clipboards that said “Days till Disney”. LK got it first since she can read!



Ethan kept digging in the box, probably thinking “Why on Earth did my Mom get me all these clothes??”. LK told him and they both screamed! It was GREAT!!!

Our ornament!
After we finished opening all the gifts, we enjoyed some Christmas shaped pancakes and a yummy breakfast casserole with Goo Goo. The best part about Christmas this year is that we didn’t leave our house ALL DAY! We told everyone that we wanted to stay put this year and enjoy our day playing with our new toys and each other. It was THE BEST decision!! There’s usually fussing b/c we have to get ready to go somewhere, but not this year! Everyone was able to stay in their pjs all day!



Late that afternoon, Noni, Papa, Nana, Papaw, BB, and Brian all came over to exchange even more gifts! More on that to come….


Delta Daisies said...

What a beautiful family! looks like you had a great Christmas!

Natasha said...

natalie, please tell me what time to be at your house next year for christmas morning--haha!! love it...and the look on the kiddos faces for disney is just PERFECT!!!

Love from Texas said...

I love the kids' faces when they opened the Disney World box! They're gonna have so much fun. And Knox would seriously freak out over that tractor, how awesome!