Monday, January 2

Christmas Eve

Ok.. I am FINALLY ready to blog about Christmas!! I have so many pictures and it was giving me anxiety just thinking about sorting through them all! HA! Warning: LOTS of pictures!!

CE_0156 CE_0157 CE_0158

The kid’s Christmas ornaments for this year… Gray’s 1st Christmas ornament, LK’s Colts ornament, and Ethan’s Batman ornament. They are SO cute!! Thank you to the talented ladies on etsy for making them for me!! :)

DSC_0192 DSC_0194

I was really good about getting gifts wrapped and under the tree this year! We were all SO excited for Christmas!!

We all got ready to head to Gram’s on Christmas Eve. It’s tradition! LK and E had made “Happy Birthday Jesus” cakes earlier in the day with Chris’ mom.. however, Gray didn’t want to wait for anyone else to indulge …

CE_0065-001 CE_0068-001


It was still cute.. Gray-prints and all! :)

Before we left, we did our traditional “Pajama Exchange”. LK got American Girl pjs with pink loafer slippers, Ethan got PB Star Wars pjs with brown loafer slippers, and Gray got Hannah Andersson monster pjs. Chris and I got pjs too that we wore to bed, but everyone else got to wear them to Goo Goo's house! Everyone in the family was there around 6:30 and we immediately got to opening gifts. I was pleasantly surprised that Gray LOVED it!!


Are those not the cutest pajamas??!?!

CE_0078-001 CE_0080-001

He loved tearing the paper off his gifts.


My mom got Gray some fun lap toys and bath toys.


Mom got E some imaginext Batman toys.. he loves those!


Goo Goo got Gray a Leapfrog Puppy and the Poppity Pop Musical Dino.



LK stocked up on fun bubble bath stuff from Uncle Nathan.



Ethan’s big gift from Goo Goo this year… a Darth Vadar Helmet.. and..




LK stocked up on Barbie clothes and accessories and Bitty Baby clothes and toys! She was SO excited!


HILARIOUS!!!!! He couldn’t have been happier!


Reading Bitty a book.



Grams and her sweet boy! This year he got Grams the body powder that goes with her perfume collection. (Every year my grandfather got her her favorite perfume/lotion/body powder, so after he died Ethan took over the yearly tradition! It’s their special little thing that they do.) We also got her a new Vera Bradley purse!


MeMaw and her babies!


He loves his Goo Goo

After opening gifts, we ate snacks and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. Around 8:30, we loaded up the car and worked our way back home. Once we got there, we had to get busy getting everything ready for Santa to come!!


LK got the milk and cookies ready!!



We ended up getting the gingerbread men from Panera earlier that day. We decided to stop in for lunch and spotted them. I couldn’t resist!! They were the perfect gingerbread men!


It was Ethan’s job to put out the Reindeer food in the front yard! He had made some in school.


Daddy helped him out. (and yes.. that is a 1970’s nativity set! Chris found it in Gram’s attic and insisted on bringing it home!)



Ethan did a great job getting the Reindeer food out! Even Huck wanted to help!!

After the kiddos were asleep, Chris and I got started setting all the goodies out. We were finally in bed around 1:30!

More Christmas to come….

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Love all the pics!! I don't think there's such a thing as too many pictures! Thanks for sharing!