Wednesday, March 21

Beauty Questions???

So.. here's my delimma.. I'm almost 30!! Ok, well, that's not my delimma. I actually dont mind turning 30 at all! My delimma is... how do I start better caring for my skin and preparing myself for all that "anti-aging" mess??! Yes.. that sounds MUCH better! ;)

I'll be honest. I have pretty easy skin. If I forget to wash my face some nights... it's ok! I wont break out or anything like that. The only time I've ever had issues with my skin was while I was pregnant with Gray and it really wasn't even that bad at all! So, with that being said, I dont really have a great skin care routine.

Here's what my makeup drawer(s) look like:

Drawer 1: Essentials
I use Origins Vitazing Moisturizer - love it!, Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Corrector - helps with freckles as well as their All About Eyes, MAC Studio Moisture Tint, Benefit Erase Paste - a mommy must-have!, MAC Skinfinish Bronzer and Powder, Anastasia Mascarra - i got this from Birchbox one month and fell IN LOVE!, and a few other things..

Drawer 2: Color
Some Smashbox and MAC eyeshadows.. b/c I wear makeup SO often! ha!, Some more MAC Skinfinish bronzers and blushes, and my fave Essie polishes.

So.. what are some of your favorite anti-aging products?? Jessica really likes the Sti-Vectin Eye Cream. They sell is at Costco, so I may run by there and get some of that. Anything else?? I am definitely an Origins girl when it come to my moisturizer and wash. When I look at their site though, I am completely overwhelmed by all the different products!! AHH! HELP!

Also - what are some spa services that you might recommend to help with this whole aging process?? I have my go-to girl for things like facials, microderms and brow waxes. LOVE HER! I usually get my brows done once a month, facials every few months and I just did my first microderm recently. Is there anything else I can do? I've never done chemical peels or anything like that. Do those help?? I just hate looking dull and tired. I want to be glowing and have less lines! :)

Obviously, I am LOST! HELP A SISTER OUT!! ha! I want to stay young and fresh looking as long as I can!! (without costing my husband a fortune in facelifts! ha!)

Thanks in advance!!


Kelly said...

I've been using Mary Kay's timewise products. I really like them alot. I'm not a huge fan of the cleanser so I use Oil of Olay acne solutions because I tend to break out every once in awhile. However using this I haven't had a breakout in a LONG time. Also I use a brush I got at sephora which is similar to the clarisonic. The difference is that you have to manually scrub your face its not "motorized". I can't bring myself to pay the large pricetag for the clarisonic right now. Also you can't go wrong with the Oil of Olay Regenerist Line too! I am also thinking of trying some of the Aveda face products. I use their hair products and I love them so I'm sure their face items are awesome too.
As far as facials I usually got to Esthetiques and see Kate. I'm also going to give the spa at Pavo a try soon too! They're are an Aveda Salon.

natalie @ stickles family blog said...

Thanks, Kelly!! And I go to Esthetiques too!!! I see April! Small world!! Love all of them!

Lindsey @ The Savvy Speechie said...

Oh Lord, I'm almost embarassed to comment. I have a few faves:

1) When you're in the shower, grab half a lemon, and rub on a clean, pimple free, make-up free face. Just rub away, and let the juice kinda sit while you shave or condition hair. I read the acid kinda cleans/brightens everything up. A nice tingly feeling.

2) I follow up with some (gasp) Equate brand Anti-Wrinkle/Firming Face Lotion with Vitamin A. I think it's the Wally world version of L'oreal's stuff. Makes your face so soft.

3) That ROC line (also @ Wally World) has some good stuff too.

Good Luck!!

Melody said...

I was scrolling through your Disney posts because we are leaving this week to see Mickey and I saw this post. I use and sell Rodan + Fields dermatologic products and I absolutely LOVE them and have seen amazing results since using them. I would love to share more with you if you would like to contact me :)

Mrsburchett (at)

Melody said...

Oh, and I guess I should have left my website for you to look at if you want.