Thursday, March 15

Disney : Day 1

OK.. it’s going to take me SEVERAL posts to get in all things Disney! I still haven’t even made it past the first day of editing pics! But, I’ve had several people hound me for pics so I better get started!! (ahem, JENNIFER!! I AM ON IT!) ;) So here you go:

Day 1

On Saturday morning, I finished packing and ran one last Target run before we left. I also tried to get the house as clean as I could. At least the kitchen and living room. I really didn’t want to come home to a dirty house!!

I think everyone in the family came by to give the kiddos one last hug and even a few more spending dollars! THEY ARE SOOO SPOILED!! It was very sweet though! We finally got out of Memphis around 3pm and headed to Nashville. We got into Nashville around 7pm. Gray made it till just an hour outside of Nashville before he needed a break. We stopped for a diaper change and quick bottle, then got back on the road. He did great!!! Chris and April had dinner waiting on us and it was delish! Candice was there too and we were able to talk weddings and I even got a sneak peek of her wedding dress! She is going to be a stunning bride!!

We were up BRIGHT AND EARLY on Sunday! Wet had to be at the airport at 6am. Surprisingly everyone was quite easy to wake up. (maybe DW had something to do with that!) ;) Both kiddos looked adorable rolling their little suitcases into the airport.

photo 1          photo 2

004          006



The plane ride was very short. Only an hour and a half! Gray did great! He slept for the first half of the flight then played with LK and E for the second half. I was worried how he would do. LK and E LOVED the flight!! I think Ethan was almost more excited about flying in an airplane than he was about going to Disney World! ha!


We packed their backpacks full of crayons, coloring books, LK’s iTouch, the iPad and books to read.

We got into Orland around 10:30 and quickly made our way to the Disney Transportation area. We signed up for their complimentary shuttle service to and form the airport. It was called “Disney’s Magical Express”. We didn’t have to worry about our luggage. They took care of that for us and it was delivered to our room. HUGE relief!! We only had to wait about 20 min and we were on our way to our resort!

We got there early in the day with the hopes of going to one of the parks, but unfortunately that didn’t work out. We ended up having to wait about 4 hours for a room to be ready for us! :( It was the only part of the trip that I was disappointed in!! After 4 hours of sitting in the lobby and walking around our resort area, the kiddos were getting restless and we needed our luggage for dinner. Chris got them to just give us a different room. We finally got our luggage around 6pm and had to RUN to get on a bus, then a monorail for dinner. I’ll get into that in a min though.


While we were waiting, we saw people riding around on these bikes… Chris and the kids decided to give it a try! HOW CUTE ARE THEY??!!! LK totally busted Chris out though and said, “Daddy had to stop like 3 times to rest!!” hahaha!!



We had dinner reservations for 7pm. Our luggage didn’t get there till 6pm, which meant that I had to very quickly get everyone changed and then on a bus to our destination. With this being our first day in Disney, we really didn’t know how the transportation worked or how long it would take to get anywhere. The first bus that came was one to Epcot. What I did remember from my past trips is that you can take the monorail from Epcot over to the Magic Kingdom and the resorts surrounding the lake. Our reservations were at 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian next to the Magic Kingdom. So, we hopped on the Epcot bus, RAN to the monorail, then took the next monorail over the Grand Floridian. We ended up being 20 min late for our reservation, but luckily they held if for us. At this point, I was just ready to cry b/c the entire day had been such a mess. Once we got seated at dinner though, all worries went away and we all just enjoyed our evening!


LK saw Mary Poppins while waiting to be seated!


Everyone was EXTREMELY tired by this point!!


Still smiling though!!


Well, almost… ;)

Our reservations were at 1900 Park Fare. It was a character meal. I wasn’t 100% sure which characters were going to be there but I knew that it was going to be geared toward LK’s liking. I was right!! It ended up being Cinderella, Prince Charming, along with the Stepmother and Stepsisters! LK was in awe! Her sweet smile completely made for all of the craziness we went through to get there! I would have run 100 miles in high heels jus to see that smile!


The Prince introducing Cinderella



LK was beside herself to see the Prince! She was speechless, if you can believe it! This girl is NEVER speechless!


Look at that shy little grin! LOVE it!!





Even Gray was a little fond of Cinder-Elly!


I was VERY impressed with the step sisters.. everyone was very much in character!!



At one point they put on dancing music and guess who got up to waltz with Cinderella…. that’s right! She was soooo excited!!


The stepmother!


Ethan was not into anything going on at all! He could have cared less about the characters! ha! Not to mention the fact that it was about 2hrs past his bed time at this point AND he had been awake since 5am… poor guy! However, he definitely perked up when we realized that he could eat an entire plate of gummy bears and Mommy wouldn’t say No! There were definitely no food restrictions in Disney World! They could eat whatever they wanted, no bed times, and they never got a NO answer for anything! This trip was ALL ABOUT THEM! That’s the way DW should be though! :)


As you can tell, he definitely enjoyed his desert!


LK gave the meal a thumbs up!


Even Little Man held out through the entire meal!!


The boys on the monorail.

After dinner, we walked around the Grand Floridian, which was incredibly gorgeous, and walked down to the beach and boat marina. It was dark and chilly, but still breathtaking! You could see Cinderella’s Castle all lit up and they were showing a movie outside in the courtyard area. Once we left the Grand Floridian, we went back to our room to rest up for our first official day at the parks!! Monday was our first Magic Kingdom day!!

More posts to come…


Jax @ JaxandMarbles said...

Love the fact that LK busted out Chris by saying he had to take breaks. Hahahah. Thats hilarious!! :)

Natasha said...

i've been waiting for these posts!! even as an adult, there is something SO special about disney can tell by the kiddo's faces this is the best time theyve ever had!! love it ;)