Monday, March 26

The Greatest Show On Earth!

This past weekend, we ventured down to Mississippi to go to the CIRCUS! I haven’t been to the circus since I was a little girl and Chris has never been!! Unfortunately, Chris had to leave to go out of town for work on Thursday, so Grams was sweet enough to go with us.



As soon as we walked in, Ethan smelled popcorn and insisted on having some.




This “show” was definitely different from the circuses that I remember. There’s a lot more singing and dancing than I expected. I was a little disappointed, since I was expecting something a lot “bigger” in my mind, but considering that the kids had never seen a circus from forever ago, they had no expectations and LOVED it!! And, that’s all that matters!!


No tigers or bears.. at least they had elephants!


This was about it when it came to aerial acrobatics! No trapeze or tight rope artists!! :(


The camels and elephants were the only exotic type animals they had. The kiddos enjoyed it though!!

DSC_0032-001     DSC_0037-001

DSC_0039-001     DSC_0042-001

DSC_0045-001     DSC_0046-001

LK really enjoyed watching this!

DSC_0049-001     DSC_0050-001





They had a “World’s Strongest Man” there!! This is where all circus acts were standing on him while he was lying on glass.


I don’t think Ethan took his eyes off the action for a single minute.


Playing with fire!!! The safe way, of course!






Ethan LOVED this!!! Hopefully he doesn’t try this at home!

DSC_0104-001     DSC_0106-001

They had a fit for sno cones! That were TEN DOLLARS!!! RIDICULOUS! And do you want to know what happened with all that sno cone sugar overload???


Yep.. not even half eaten, sitting on the floor!

DSC_0117-001     DSC_0118-001

DSC_0125-001     DSC_0129-001

The elephants came out at the end! They were great! I have to admit that as I watched them perform, I couldn’t help but think of Reese Witherspoon in Water For Elephants! haha!

DSC_0132-001     DSC_0136-001

DSC_0139-001     DSC_0140-001

DSC_0142-001     DSC_0143-001

DSC_0144-001     DSC_0145-001

DSC_0147-001     DSC_0151-001

DSC_0153-001     DSC_0155-001

The elephants did a great job! I had been waiting the entire show to see them!


To end the show, the motorcycles got inside the cage. Ethan was in awe!! I was just sitting there thinking of the future ER bills that I am sure to incur! Total Mom moment!!

Our sweet friend, Trinity came over to sit with Gray while we were there. He was sound asleep by the time that we got home. We had a wonderful time at the circus!! Next time, Chris will definitely have to go with us!

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