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Disney: Day 2/Morning

I want to go ahead a apologize for the obscene amount of pictures that are going to be in these posts! I really do promise that I’m trying to narrow them down as much as possible!!

Monday was our first Magic Kingdom day. Gray woke Chris and I up around 7:30. We got ready for the day, then woke the kids up. Usually they are up VERY early in the mornings, so it was obvious how tired they were for us to have to wake them! They got up and got going rather quickly though.. they were SO excited! We made it to Magic Kingdom around 9am.


Pin Trading is a big deal in Disney. I had several people tell me to get the kiddos pins to trade. So before we got started on all the action, we stopped by a gift store and purchased our pin trading essentials. They each got to pick out a lanyard and the pins to go on it.


LK chose a cute little red Minnie Mouse polka dotted lanyard and then filled it up with sweet pins. She got Mary Poppins, Ballerina Minnie, Cheerleader Minne, Marie from Aristocats, Alice from AIW, Cinderella’s carriage, and OF COURSE.. Stitch as Elvis! 


They got those cute “1st Visit” buttons when we checked in!


Ethan chose a Star Wars lanyard that included the big round pins: Hans Solo, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and a Storm Trooper. Then he got to choose 3 more so that he and LK would have the same amount. He chose a Jedi Mickey Mouse, a Mickey skateboard, and (much to his Daddy’s delight!) a Mickey Cubs pin!


G liked the pins!


He let Chris wear the Cubs pin!


We had to stop for a photo op in from of the entrance sign!!!

(side note: they have professional photogs who take pics at certain picturesque spots around the park. they are all loaded onto a “photo pass” card and then you can purchase them after your visit. I have ordered a cd of all of our photo pass pics, so I’ll do a separate post with all of those when they come in. this was one of the photo pass spots!)

076      078

I LOVE it!!! We made LOTS of memories!!!


Main Street USA!


Our first stop was to visit Minnie and Mickey!


090         091

We LOVE Minnie and Mickey! I felt like a little kid again! I remember when I was little you would have to search all over the park to find characters. Now, they have designated areas for them! MUCH easier!! Now, they do place characters randomly throughout the park still.. so there’s still that little bit of excitement when you stumble across someone unexpectedly!

095          097

As soon as we walked outside from visiting Minnie and Mickey, we ran into this cute guy!



104         108

THEN, we happened to run into this lovely lady.. or should I say, fairest of them all?! :)

After all the excitement of seeing several characters, we ended up smack dab in the middle of a parade! I think it was called the Move It and Shake It Parade?? I could be wrong about the name. It was really fun though! And this was all just within the first hour!!! It was incredible!!



114   121   115


The parade passed our area so we started to head down Main Street. We were FINALLY able to see the castle! It was everything LK dreamed it would be!!


We ran into the parade again. It had gone down Main Street and stopped in front of the castle. Once it stopped the characters got down and danced in the streets with the kids. It was so fun to watch!!! Of course, mine were right out in the middle of the action!

We walked through the castle and ended up in Fantasyland.


Ethan just had to give the beloved Excalibur a tug!


Then they all had to try!!


Our first ride was Prince Charming’s Carousel. Gray LOVED it!!! Chris got a pic of him riding it on his phone. I’ll have to post it later. He got to sit on his horse by himself and giggled the entire time!


This is the best picture I got of them riding it! :( I was blocked by too many people!!


Next up, Mad Hatter’s Tea Party!!


Chris got them spinning super fast! They had a ball!!

183        185

LK and I rode a Snow White ride. It was really sweet! She loved it!


191 200

Chris took LK and E on It’s A Small World while I stayed with Gray. He was napping in the stroller. (He did GREAT napping in the stroller!!! We LOVED our City Mini!!)

205        207

Ethan just had to try out the Race Track. He even got to drive his own car!!


Chris’ reaction to his driving! Good thing it’ll be a while until he’s old enough to do it again!! ha!


My sweet boy!

218       230

We all wanted to go on the Winnie The Pooh ride!


E showing off his driver’s license

232       233



It was such a cute ride!!!

We had lunch at a place in Tomorrowland, then decided to head back to the resort to rest. We had dinner reservations at the restaurant at our resort and we had already decided that we wanted to come back to the Magic Kingdom later that evening. Several people had told us to plan two days for the Magic Kingdom. I am SO glad that I listened to their advice. It took us nearly 1 entire day just to do Fantasyland!!!



Of course, we all had to get Mickey Ears!!!! Gray was not too fond of his!! ha!

Next up is a post to finish out our first day…..

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These are so great! It looks like everyone is having the best time! I burst out laughing at Snow White's outfit- she must be roasting in those velvet sleeves!