Monday, March 19

Disney: Day 2/Evening

Yes, It has taken 2 posts just to blog about our first day in the parks! I told you hat I took a ton of pics!!! :)

So, we ended up leaving Magic Kingdom around 3 or so. We went back to our resort room so that Gray could nap. Or at least, I was going to try to get him to nap! He had other plans. I guess he heard Chris mention that he, LK, and E were going to the pool and decided that he wanted to join. So, off we all went! It was already quite warm (it was 80 and sunny ALL WEEK!), but the pool was also heated.. so it was perfect!! The pool area was incredible! It was like we were in a lagoon in the middle of Louisiana!!

247        248

250 254 257 258



269        274

They had so much fun swimming!!! The are always begging to know when Gram’s pool is going to be opened.

Here are a few shots of our resort: .. We stayed at Port Orleans.

280        282

The ferry boats can take you Downtown Disney. The building to the right is the food area.

283        285

The lobby is inside the building in the first picture. The second picture is what the outside of the rooms looked like.

We ended up swimming for about an hour. After swimming, we showered and then ate dinner at the restaurant at our resort, Boatwright’s Hall. All of th food had a Cajun flare.. it was YUMMY! The crawfish appetizer was delish! After dinner, it was straight back to the Magic Kingdom for more fun!! Since we stayed on property, we got to partake in the “Magic Hours”. It was wonderful!!! There were absolutely NO wait times for anything!!! We got there about 8:30 and stayed till almost 11!!! Gray ended up falling asleep in his stroller, but LK and E were wide awake and loving it! Like I said, absolutely NO bedtimes in Disney World!!


Cinderella’s Castle lit up at night. It changed colors.. so pretty!


We headed straight to Peter Pan’s Flight. We had gotten Fast Passes earlier in the day to come back at that time. (If you’re going to Disney.. definitely read up on the Fast Passes.. BEST IDEA EVER!!!!)


Chris and the kids did the Haunted Mansion. E loved it.. LK, not so much! ha! Then, we all rode the Pirates of the Caribbean. It was so much fun! Even Gray liked it!!

Earlier in the day, we also got a fast pass for LK to meet the Princesses. So, we definitely had to do that before we left!


First up was LK’s absolute FAVORITE Princess… Aurora, better known as Sleeping Beauty! If you know LK, then I’m sure you can remember her as a sweet little 2 year old watching Sleeping Beauty OVER AND OVER. Not to mention that it had not released on DVD yet, so we were having to scrounge up old VHS’s of the movie! ha! She’s been waiting her entire life to meet Princess Aurora!

313     316



322     324

Then, it was Belle!! Belle loved LK’s bow.. she was very sweet!!!




333     335

Cinderella was there again! I have to say that I was very impressed with how well they cast characters. This was a different girl as Cinderella, than we saw the night before, but they looked VERY similar! At least, to a little girl… it was the same Cinderella!



After meeting the Princesses, it was time to call it a night. Even though the park stayed open till 1am that night, the Stickles Fam was DONE!


Sweet G woke up on the bus ride back for a brief second. Doesn’t he look precious??!


Then, he was out again with the rest of the bunch! This was how most of the nights on the bus were!!

We had an AMAZING first day in Magic Kingdom!!! I don’t think the kids ever stopped smiling! I can say one thing about Disney World.. Yes, it’s expensive.. Yes, it’s a pain in the you-know-what to plan.. But, it is 200% COMPLETELY-ABSOLUTELY-WORTHALLTHETROUBLE to see those happy faces and watch their little 4 and 8 yr old dreams come true! It was everything that I wanted our little vacation to be and so much more! There is truly no happier place on Earth!!

The next day, we took it easy and went to Downtown Disney and Epcot. I promise that there wont be quite so many pictures! ;)


Kyndi said...

I love that last picture...what amazing memories!!

Kathryn said...

How sweet! Your daughter has excellent taste in Disney princesses - Aurora's my favorite too!