Monday, March 19

on the move...

Well, somone is definitely on the move around our house!! The other day my new slipcovers finally came in (I'll have to take a pic later!) and I was getting them out of the box. Mr. Gray became quite facinated with it!!

Before I knew it, he was on top of it!!!

Then, not even an hour later, he discovered one of LK and E's stools in the kitchen. He got himself up to his knees, but that was no biggie..

It was when he STOOD UP, that it caught my attention!!!

Seriously?? He's 8 mo old.. I'm not ready for this!!! :)

He was extremely proud of himself!

Little Man just amazes me! My mom swears that the doctor left him in too long! ha! Every day is a new and exciting adventure with him, and of course with Big Brother and Big Sister too!


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